Tricked – Exclusive Sneak Preview

Chapter 1

Callie flopped onto her bed around midnight, wiped out. There were still a ton of boxes to unpack, not to mention pictures to hang and groceries to buy, but she’d earned a rest.

She reached for her laptop and pulled up her emails. She had twenty-seven new messages waiting on DomZone—the BDSM dating site she’d recently discovered. Would she really have the nerve to meet one of those guys someday? To find out if BDSM was something more than just a masturbatory fantasy? Probably not, but it was fun to explore, especially from the safety of her new apartment.

She navigated to the site and clicked on her profile. She updated her location, a thrill of excitement moving through her for the hundredth time that week. She was in the big city and would soon start her dream job at the museum. After graduating from college and working for a few years in various dead-end jobs at art galleries in Milwaukee, her real life was beginning at last.

A quick scan of the messages showed the usual assortment of skeevy horndogs sniffing around for someone to jerk off with over the internet. Most of them could barely string together a coherent sentence. And why did men think women liked disembodied dick pics?

No, thank you.

She returned to the front page of the DomZone site and noticed a new tab: Abduction Fantasies Explored.

The abduction fantasy page had a number of links, each one leading to a different chat room based on your particular fetish. She perused the list that catered to the Dom/sub heterosexual crowd, her panties moistening as she examined the choices.

Swashbuckling Pirate Island
Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl
Slave Planet
Evil Boss
Bought by a Billionaire

A shiver of delicious fear moved through her body. She closed her eyes, for a moment imagining a gorgeous, sexy Dom whisking her away to his secret BDSM mansion, where he would hold her captive in a lavish dungeon filled with restraint devices and plenty of rope and chain.

Of course, just like in the books she read, he would start out as the stern Master, but he wouldn’t be able to help himself. He would fall head over heels in love with his beautiful slave girl. He would lift her gently from her confines and carry her to his huge bed. He would whisper that he was as enslaved to her in love as she was to him. He would shower her with jewels and kisses, and beg her to be his forever…

Callie clicked on the link and entered the chat room. There were about a dozen people there. She watched for a while as conversations scrolled by, with people discussing various fantasies and engaging in some role play. One guy kept using all caps and shouting at every female in the room to get on her knees and worship his cock.

With a snort, Callie started to click away from the room. Just before her finger pressed the key, the pinging sound of someone sending her a private message caught her attention. She glanced at the name, surprised to see the message was from SexKitten312. In her brief time on the site, it had always been guys who tried to private message. But there was a small (f) next to the user name, which indicated a female with a submissive orientation.

Curious, Callie accepted the message request and read the message.

“Hi, SubAngel. I noticed you’re from the Chicago area, like me! Just wanted to say hi.”
Callie clicked on SexKitten’s profile. She was female, aged twenty-seven—two years older than Callie, and was seeking a “real life Master to claim her completely—heart, body and soul.”

So why was she messaging Callie?

Not wanting to be rude, Callie typed back, “Hi. I’m actually new to Chicago, and to this website.”
“Wow, what a coincidence. I’m new to the area too. Originally from Texas. I love going to the clubs and scening with hot Doms. I can’t wait to explore the scene here in the windy city.”

“There were some BDSM groups where I went to college, but I never really checked them out,” Callie offered.

She glanced at the main chat area. The guy writing in all caps was now ordering every “sub slut” in the room to “spread her legs and show him her cunt.”

“Jeez, that dude is so lame,” SexKitten typed in the private message box. “I can’t stand guys like that. They just don’t get it.”
“Agreed,” Callie replied, warming to the girl. It would be nice to meet someone her own age in this new city, especially someone who may have some actual experience with BDSM.

They chatted for a while in the private message tab, making fun of the various guys in the chat room, and sharing a little about their lives. Callie learned that Diana—her real name—had graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in nursing, and had moved to Chicago for her work and because she had family there.

“I have an older cousin here,” Diana typed. “His name is Damon. He found my stash of BDSM romance novels under my bed the summer I turned fourteen.”

“OMG. You must have died of embarrassment!”

“No, he was really cool about it. He assured me it was nothing to be ashamed of. Turns out, he’s into the scene too! He’s promised to take me around to all the cool BDSM clubs, now that I’m living here. I can’t wait!”

“Sweet,” Callie typed back, a little jealous. It would be nice to have someone to introduce her into the scene. She was ready, at last, to explore in real life what had always been just a sexual fantasy.

“So, what’s your experience in the scene?” Diana typed.

“I don’t really have any actual experience in BDSM. I’m still kind of exploring at this point. I like the idea of a strong, dominant man having his way with me. Keeping me captive in an opulent dungeon filled with silk pillows and sexy chains… You know, typical romance novel stuff, I guess…”

“Way cool,” Diana replied. “Billionaire Master fantasies are hot.”

“Right? I’ve read a few of those novels, but they’re always so unrealistic. Who ever heard of a twenty-five-year-old billionaire?”

“You’d be surprised. Anyway, I have to go now, but let’s connect in real life. My email is What’s yours?”

Callie hesitated before responding. Was she ready to give her email to someone she’d chatted with for a few minutes on a BDSM sex site? On the other hand, it would be nice to connect with a new friend her first week in town. And Diana seemed fun.

Callie typed back her email address.

“Terrific.” Diana texted. “Talk soon!”

Callie signed off soon after. She lay back with a satisfied sigh.

A new city. A new job. A potential new girlfriend. It seemed everything in her new life was falling nicely into place.

Over the next few days, Callie and Diana exchanged several texts and emails. One of Diana’s fantasies freaked Callie out with its dark and graphic nature.

The email read: “I fantasize about a guy holding me captive in his secret villa. He’s incredibly gorgeous and wealthy, naturally. But he’s also a very exacting taskmaster. I have to do everything he says, or I’m severely punished. Sometimes he puts me in a little cage and only lets me out when he wants to whip or fuck me.

“At first, I’m terrified and resistant, but I soon learn that it’s better to obey. He helps me to understand I’m just a worthless cunt who exists solely to please and amuse him.

“My Master becomes my world. I am his property. He is Sir, and I would do anything to please him. No matter what he asks of me, I am happy to do it. I will wallow naked in the mud for his friends, if that amuses him. I will worship every inch of his body with my tongue. I allow myself to be on display at his parties. If he chooses to give me to a stranger on the street for an hour or a day, I have no choice but to obey.

“When he takes me back, he punishes me for being with another man. If I dare to protest, I will be put in the cage and left there alone for hours or days… When he finally lets me out, I am so grateful I kiss his feet as my tears of gratitude fall…”

The email went on like that for a while. Callie found herself both horrified and fascinated with the graphic details. Who in their right mind would want to be subjected to such a scenario?

On the other hand, she reminded herself, this was just Diana’s fantasy. It wasn’t like she actually wanted any of that weird, scary stuff to happen in real life. And Callie had to admit, as much as it freaked her out, she admired Diana’s forthright honesty. It gave her the courage to admit her own fantasies, though they were far tamer than Diana’s.

A few days later, just as Callie had finished hanging the last picture in her new living room, her phone rang. Diana Johnson flashed across the screen. They had agreed to meet for dinner that evening, and Callie was excited to meet her new friend in person.


“Callie? Hey there, it’s Diana. I just wanted to say hi.” The voice on the other end of the phone was high and girlish. There was a sort of odd, metallic quality to her voice, but it was probably just the connection.

“Hi, Diana. What’s up? Everything okay?”

“Everything’s great. Just thought I’d give you a quick call about tonight. I was wondering, would it be okay with you if my cousin, Damon, were to come along tonight? Remember, I told you about him when we first chatted? He’s a really cool guy. I mentioned you to him and he said he’d love to join us.”

Callie groaned inwardly, hoping this wasn’t going to be some kind of weird match-making type of situation. Having broken up with her boyfriend of four years just before moving to Chicago, she was so not interested in hooking up with someone new right now.

“Um,” she hedged, trying to think of a polite way to say no.

Perhaps sensing her hesitation, Diana rushed on, “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to fix you up or anything.” She laughed. “I wouldn’t even suggest he join us, except that he offered to take me to this super exclusive, members-only BDSM club after dinner, and I’ve been dying to go. It’s got a real dungeon in it, and he says you can come too, if you want. Not to mention, he’s like this total gentleman who always insists on picking up the dinner tab.”

Callie felt herself wavering. She’d looked up the restaurant Diana had suggested, and had already decided she could only afford to get an appetizer as her main course, and maybe one drink. But if Mr. Total Gentleman Cousin was going to insist on picking up the bill… Not to mention, a private BDSM club sounded pretty sweet, and less skeevy than she imagined the public clubs might be.

“Okay,” she agreed. She would play it by ear. If things went well over dinner, she might go with them to that cool club. She could just observe. It wasn’t like anyone was going to force her to do anything she didn’t want to do. “I guess that would be fine. I look forward to meeting you both.”

“Great. See you tonight.”

After they disconnected, Callie fell back onto the couch and stared at the cell phone in her hand, thinking about tonight. Did she have the nerve to go to a BDSM club with two virtual strangers? Fooling around online was one thing, but to actually go to a dungeon? What if she freaked out or something?

And what did one wear to a BDSM club? Stiletto heels with a leather minidress? She didn’t own anything like that. She could at least wear something a little sexy. Not that she had much that could be called sexy. Aside from the tailored suits and dresses she wore for work, she was mainly a flannel shirt and jeans kind of girl. At least, she had been back in Wisconsin.

But this was the new Callie, right? The city girl with a new career as assistant curator at an esteemed Chicago museum. And anyway, she could always take a pass on the club, if it didn’t feel right.

Even as she thought this, the idea of going to a bona fide BDSM dungeon sent bubbles of excitement fizzing through her veins. If the vibe felt right, why not? She’d never have the nerve to go to one of those places on her own. This was an ideal way to check out the scene without any risk.

She still had three hours before she had to meet Diana at the restaurant. Was there time to go shopping for something sexy?

Time, maybe. But money, no. Even with the help her parents had given her, she’d used every bit of her savings to make the move. Until she started the new job at the end of the month, she had no business buying frivolous outfits. If Diana and her cousin arrived at the restaurant decked out in leather gear, so be it.

After trying on various outfits, Callie finally settled on a simple cream-colored button-down blouse tucked into a navy pencil skirt. Examining herself in the mirror, she undid four of the buttons on her blouse to reveal some cleavage. Deciding that was a bit much, she buttoned the blouse again. She didn’t want to send the wrong message.

But, wait. These two people she was about to meet were into BDSM. They were sophisticated and comfortable with their sexuality. Why shouldn’t she be, too? Lifting her chin, she unbuttoned the blouse again, revealing the tops of her breasts, which were pressed together by the pretty lace pushup bra she wore underneath.

“To the new Callie,” she said to her image in the mirror. “Let the adventure begin.”

Chapter 2

Callie had just disembarked from the L train at the station closest to the restaurant when her cell phone dinged. Digging it from her purse, she saw it was a text from Diana.

“Hey, Callie. I’m sooooo sorry this is such short notice, but I’ve been called in for an emergency shift at the hospital. I’m absolutely furious, but I can’t say no. There have been layoffs recently and I don’t want to be the next one because I didn’t step up. Damon’s already at the restaurant. He said he’s happy to meet you, if you still want to. If you’re not up for that, I totally get it. We can figure out something soon. Just let me know.”

Callie frowned at the text, her stomach sinking. Diana’s not being there would change the whole dynamic of the dinner. It would totally feel like a blind date. Yuck. She felt peevish irritation at Diana for being so last-minute about all this. It was on the tip of her tongue to say they should just reschedule.

But she could see the restaurant in view at the end of the block. And this Damon guy was already there waiting. It would be kind of cold to just bail. Not to mention, she was starving, and the idea of returning home to ramen noodles didn’t thrill her.

She shot back a text. “Total bummer, but I understand. How will I know which one he is?”

“You’re awesome! Thanks for understanding. Here’s a pic so you can recognize him. He’s at a table in the back.”

This was followed by a photo of an incredibly handsome man standing on a beach in nothing but a pair of cutoff jeans shorts, a big surfboard under one arm. Deeply tanned, he had a smooth chest, six-pack abs, dark blue eyes and a wide, easy smile. His hair looked wet but from what she could tell was light brown. The guy was absolutely gorgeous.

“Jesus,” Callie breathed aloud. Was this guy for real? He probably wouldn’t look twice at her. She was nowhere near his league.

Stop it, she ordered herself as she walked toward the restaurant. This isn’t a date, remember? Just a friendly meeting made a little awkward by Diana’s bailing at the last minute. No big deal. And if he’s a dud, you just make your excuses and a quick exit.


Damon slipped the burner phone back into his pocket. Using his own phone, he went to Callie’s profile again on the DomZone website and clicked on her picture. Though she’d only included a headshot, it was a very pretty face—with large deep brown eyes, beautiful cheekbones and a sensual mouth, the corners slightly upturned in a shy smile. She presented the very picture of virginal innocence.

He could already imagine her nipples—dark pink gumdrops he would tease and torture until she begged for mercy. What would that face look like when it was twisted in a howl of pain as he whipped every inch of that smooth, creamy skin?

He’d been fantasizing about this forever. Would he really go through with it this time?

“I like the idea of a strong, dominant man having his way with me. Keeping me captive in an opulent dungeon filled with silk pillows and sexy chains…”

“How would you like for your fantasy to come true, SubAngel Callie?” he said aloud. “Because I’m just the man to give it to you, with a vengeance.”

He shifted in his chair and fixed his gaze on the entrance of the restaurant to watch for Callie’s arrival.

Girls could never resist the picture he’d just texted to her. His over-achieving older brothers might have all the brains, but he’d definitely gotten the looks. Tonight, he’d dressed casually in a white Gucci cotton polo over charcoal gray Peter Millar slacks. His sports jacket was neatly draped over the back of his chair.

He’d recently returned from a week at a luxury resort on the beach in Costa Rica. While there, he’d visited a Dark Club. He’d been a member of the private international BDSM group for a few years now. When he traveled, he always tried to stay in locations where there was a Dark Club. Unlike most BDSM clubs, these clubs were the real deal. It was at a Dark Club in Berlin that he’d first started thinking seriously about getting his own personal sex slave.

There had been a guy there who had a naked chick on a leash. She’d been covered in welts and bruises from head to toe, and no one had batted an eye. Intrigued, he’d managed to talk to the guy about his arrangement. “Is she really into it?” he’d asked the man, who called himself Master Wolf. “How do you keep her in line?”

Master Wolf had smiled, shaking his head. “You kidding?” he’d replied in a thick German accent. “She’s the real boss in our relationship. She’s a total pain slut. No matter how much I give her, she wants more, more, more. Isn’t that right, meine Liebe?” He’d pulled the girl close, kissing the top of her head.

“Ja, Meister,” she’d replied, flashing a bright smile. “Danke, mein Herr.”

The Costa Rica Dark Club was just as intense, with very few restrictions on play. Yet even that sophisticated group had annoying constraints in place, like a club safeword.

Where was the fun in that?

Damon had come to understand he needed more than just BDSM “play.” For it to matter, it had to be real. No negotiations, no pretend contracts. In fact, a large part of the thrill was in taking what was forbidden, and throwing out all the usual constraints of civilized society.

After his trip down to Costa Rica, he realized it would be the ideal place to bring his fantasy to fruition. There were a number of high-end homes for rent there that had caught his eye. People who could afford to rent the exclusive villas placed a high priority on privacy, and the managers of the properties catered to that desire. One of those villas would make the perfect hideaway.

A little online research, a few phone calls and a quick return trip down had enabled him to find the perfect location—a gated villa in Peninsula Papagayo, set at the end of a private road, with a high privacy fence and gates that could only be opened electronically. He’d closed the deal on the spot, paying cash in advance. He’d stayed down there for two days, securing supplies and getting everything ready.

He’d rented the villa for the entire month. He’d been annoyed when the agent explained the once-weekly landscaping and house cleaning crews were mandatory per the owners, but he’d just have to lock her up safe and out of sight on the days they were there.

Thinking ahead, he’d driven into a seedier part of town while he’d been down there. He’d purchased a van, again for cash. It had needed some engine work, but the guy assured him it would be ready by the end of the week, and he arranged for it to be dropped off near the small airport he used when visiting the country. A quick call earlier that day had assured him the van was ready and waiting for his arrival.

His private plane was thoroughly checked, fueled and ready for flight. His luggage was already aboard, including a gear bag filled with lots of fun impact toys and restraint devices he’d bought especially with Callie in mind. She was definitely his first choice.

True, he was making some assumptions regarding whether she would show or not, but he felt pretty confident this girl was ripe for the plucking. If she bailed for some reason, he had several other potential girls lined up on various chat sites, eager to meet him in the flesh.

He could always delay his flight schedule by a few days, if necessary. Meanwhile, his route was mapped out and approved, though the manifest claimed only he would be flying that night—no passengers.

He glanced at his watch. They had three hours until takeoff, which was scheduled for ten o’clock that night. There should be plenty of time to have a nice, leisurely dinner and still get her loaded onto the plane with time to spare. It should be relatively easy to avoid notice, as no one else was scheduled to fly out of the small private airport that evening.

Other than the dispatcher inside the tiny terminal, the hangar would be deserted.
He’d arrived tonight at the restaurant a half hour early to make sure he got a good parking spot. He had a table with a good view of the entrance. He took a final sip of his scotch and soda and pushed the glass away. He would need his head clear for the evening ahead.

His heart beat fast with excitement. Everything had gone according to plan, at least so far. From the minute he’d first pinged her in that chat room, the girl had taken the bait—hook, line and sinker.

He’d easily found Callie’s Facebook page, which was completely unprotected by any privacy settings. It always amazed him how many people were so cavalier about putting their entire lives up for viewing on the internet. Not that he was complaining. It certainly made his pastime of cyber-stalking easier.

Callie’s Facebook revealed she liked to hike, fish and go camping. There were lots of pictures of her looking wholesome and happy as she did outdoors, sporty things with her family and friends. No bikini shots or any decent pics of her body, but even in the flannel and jeans, he could tell she had a decent build. Back home, she had volunteered at the SPCA and taught painting and drawing to inner-city kids. Hopefully, she wasn’t one of those teetotalling goody-goodies, as that would make his first task a little more difficult, though not impossible. She was so girl-next-door-sweet and innocent. It would make the conquest that much more fun.

She had told “Diana” all about her exciting new life in Chicago. She wasn’t due to start that job of hers for over two weeks, which was all to the good. There was no significant other in her life at the moment, another good thing. Her parents and her brother, Harry, were still back in Wisconsin. Odds were, it would be a while before anyone even missed her.

And even if they did, so what? There was nothing to connect him to her.

The door opened and a young woman who had to be Callie stepped inside the restaurant. She was even prettier in person than in her photos. She was a little shorter than he’d expected—not much over five-foot three or four and maybe a hundred and fifteen pounds max. That was all to the good, as she’d be easier to carry once she was out cold.

Her straight, shiny hair was wind-mussed, her cheeks rosy from the cool night air. She wore a light coat, open to reveal a very nice body, though it was presently covered by a blouse and navy skirt that made her look like she was a secretary at some law firm. But the bare legs beneath were slender and shapely.

He couldn’t wait to see her naked.