The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Surrender to Me

BDSM Connections 2

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Surrender to Me

Let the erotic pain lift you into its arms. Surrender to it. Surrender to me.

Rylee Miller, independent, strong and in control, seeks intensity of experience in all things. She craves hardcore sadomasochism and believes erotic suffering is just another challenge to be overcome.

Taggart Fitzgerald, aka Leather Master, is a world-class whip and leather-gear craftsman. A highly skilled and sexy Dom, he’s also a brooding, intense and self-contained man. He takes what he wants from women, keeping his heart firmly out of the equation.

When they meet on a video shoot for BDSMConnections, their intense, visceral connection stuns them both. The Leather Master is intrigued by Rylee’s staunch assertion she’s not a submissive. Is she lying to him—or just to herself?  Or maybe she has never learned to truly surrender.

 With Taggart’s dominant, sadistic side and Rylee’s sensual, masochist mindset, they should be the perfect pair. But accepting her true nature may not be easy when the Dom she’s falling for is a man so damaged by a past filled with pain that he’s unable to trust in love. Or maybe it’s that he has never learned to surrender to his heart.

Editor’s Note: Surrender to Me, Book Two of BDSM Connections, is a full-length, stand-alone story. The series may be read in any order. 


The first stroke landed on her ass. Unlike the sensual flogging, the whip cut across her skin like a blade, leaving a line of fire in its wake.

Rylee hissed her pain. She still managed to keep the chain between her teeth, and saliva drooled down her chin. Her heart was pounding so loudly she was sure Taggart could hear it.

The whip snaked out once more, its tail curling cruelly over both ass cheeks so that the tip bit into the thin skin stretched over her hipbone.

Despite her best intentions, Rylee’s mouth opened of its own accord, and she screamed, the chain falling away.

Taggart appeared in front of her. “Focus, R. You can do better.”

Tears blurring her eyes, Rylee nodded.

He lifted the chain that hung between her...

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I loved Ms. Thompson's True Kin series and now I love her BDSM series. She is just wonderful with character development. I can't wait to see where this series goes. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes to read BDSM.

Ashley A. Carron


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