The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Sacred Circle

True Kin Vampire Tales 1

  • Word Count: 53,723
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-61-2

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Sacred Circle

BDSM vampire play - what could be hotter?

Grace Davis has always known there was something different about her. She has a secret fascination with all things vampire and an unrequited longing for the sweet taste of blood. When the dark, sensual Julian Gaston appears in her life, he offers the promise of discovery, but with a price.

Julian wrenches Grace from her safe but lonely humanity into a dangerous, sensual world of erotic submission. The vampire demands obedience and passion in a fiery exchange of power and love. The whisper of true love beckons, but it comes wrapped in blood-soaked cruelty, gossamer sweetness and sizzling passion.


"Julian," he'd heard a whisper at his door, which was opened a crack. At first, he thought it was his little sister Louise.

Already in his bed and completely naked, Julian responded, "Go away. I'm sleeping." His own hand gripped his large cock-ready to take what pleasure he could there in the dark.

He heard a soft, low chuckle and realized with a start this was not his sister. The door opened, and Adrienne slipped in silently. She was dressed in white lace, her breasts now free of their boned corset and heavily staid bodice. Her hair was loose, streaming past her shoulders like a dark waterfall. Against the backdrop of a setting moon she looked like nothing so much as an angel, fallen from the heavens.

Julian gasped. He'd never...

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Sacred Circle
  • Page Count: 246 Pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-4802-9584-1

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