The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Club de Sade
  • Word Count: 57,131
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-50-6

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Club de Sade

Elena, jobless and desperate, sees an ad for a professional Dominatrix at a local S&M club. She snares the position by faking her experience and now has one week to learn her new craft. Luckily for her, she discovers a BDSM 101 seminar being conducted by the darkly seductive Jesse Hernandez.

While dominating men for money at Club de Sade, Elena discovers her own deeply submissive desires at the hands of the man who would claim her for his own. When tragedy strikes, Jesse and Elena must fight to save Elena from being convicted of a crime she didn't commit, caught in a dark underworld she doesn't fully yet understand.


As she was almost out the door Jake Mitchell was suddenly beside her. He put his hand on her arm, forcing her to stop and acknowledge him. “So, what’d ya’ think? How would you like to be whipped with that flogger? Hernandez is the guy to do it. Especially with a newbie like you. He’d make you cry tears of joy.”

Elena pulled her arm away, embarrassed and annoyed. “I told you. I’m a Domme. Not a sub.” How easily she used the terms, she thought suddenly and she smiled.

Jake mistook her smile as one of friendliness and said, “Yeah, yeah, sure you are, babe. Listen, you don’t have to hide anything here. We’re all close here. Just because you Dom folks for a living, that doesn’t make you Domme. It’s just a job. Of course, I guess it...

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The suspenseful, romantic mystery of Club de Sade focuses on a woman whose resourcefulness brings her face to face with inexplicable unknowns…The chemistry between Carly Stevens and Jesse Hernandez swelters and electrifies every scene. The...

Mila "Bean" Ramos

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Club de Sade
  • ISBN: 978-1-4802-9679-4

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