The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Closely Held Secrets
  • Word Count: 14,689
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-49-0

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Closely Held Secrets

The glitzy singles club isn't her usual scene, but tonight Trisha is out for adventure, and that is exactly what she finds. From the moment their eyes lock, Will Jacobson recognizes something special in Trisha. At his encouragement she whispers her submissive fantasies, sharing secrets never before confessed. As she speaks, a fire ignites in Will's eyes.


The little café was a not much more than a hole in the wall nestled between a dry cleaners and a video store in a strip mall. But as they stepped into the place, it was like entering another world. The walls were completely covered with brightly dyed cotton batik tapestries depicting scantily clad Thai women in artful poses, with peacocks, flowing waterfalls and mountains as a backdrop. The room reeked of incense and cinnamon and was almost entirely lit by a myriad of little candles in glass cups placed on every available surface. The place was small and only held four tables, none of which were occupied at the moment. Will led Trisha to a table as a small woman appeared, bowing toward them, her smile shy but inviting.

Will ordered...

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Closely Held Secrets is a book you do not want to miss. Claire Thompson is at her best and leaves you totally speechless by the time you finish this one. The final twist will... well, read it and find out. It's a keeper!

Nickie L

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Closely Held Secrets
  • Listening Length: 5 hrs, 22 min

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