Two for Alex

They crave a new submissive… But get way more than they bargain for…

Master Liam wants to give his sub boy, Daniel, an outlet for his dominant feelings. When what sounds like the perfect sub answers their ad in the BDSM personals, they just assumed Alex was a guy… They assumed wrong.

Alex dreams of submitting to a real Dom who can see past her defenses. Now she’s being offered two for one. She plans to keep her heart and all notions of love tucked away and focus on her goal of learning true submission.

When the sexy arrangement leads to a powerful emotional connection, all three are left reeling. With hints of attraction and jealousy shining through the cracks, they quickly discover that keeping the balance in a D/s ménage can be tricky. The new dynamic of a female sub in their lives challenges both men in ways neither is prepared for. For Alex, the prospect of true love between three is one she never considered…until now…



“You need to understand this isn’t an invitation for some quick sex with strangers. Daniel and I are partners. We’re both bisexual. Our goal in inviting a third person into our lives isn’t to have an excuse to have sex with someone new. Rather, it’s a way of extending our lovemaking, of deepening it by adding a new dimension.”

He glanced at Daniel, who nodded. “Daniel has dominant impulses. He’s ready to explore these impulses in a meaningful way. If we choose you, you will be expected to submit to both of us with the understanding that Daniel belongs to me, and my word is the final one.”

Alex stared at him with those vivid green eyes, her lips lightly parted. “Yes, Sir,” she said softly.

He was pleased at her use of the honorific. “We’ve never done anything like this before,” he continued. “We’d be feeling our way along with you. There are no hard and fast rules, save for the underlying aspect of a total power exchange. You would be expected to obey each of us in every aspect. We, in turn, would promise to keep you safe, never asking you to do something that could cause you harm. If we all agree, you’d be invited here to live on a trial basis. Let’s say a week?”

Liam glanced at Daniel, who nodded his agreement Returning his gaze to Alex, he said, “You’d have your own bedroom. You will be expected to devote yourself fully to serving us in every possible respect. We’d train you in obedience, grace and sexual service. In the process of training, you will be subjected to erotic torture, including the whip, the cane, bondage, and whatever else pleases us.”

“Oh,” Alex mouthed, the word coming out as a whisper, her eyes wide.

“I work outside the home during the week. Daniel will have complete control over you while I’m gone. You are to think of him as an extension of me. Of course, this is all theory at this point, but I want you to understand our intentions before we continue.”

“What’s the catch?” Alex flashed a grin.

Confused, Liam replied, “Catch? What do you mean?”

“Two gorgeous men, this incredible house”—she waved her hand around the room—“the chance to be trained in obedience, grace and sexual service. It sounds like heaven on earth to me. In order to be your submissive sex slave, do I have to promise my firstborn child to you? Give over my inheritance from a great-aunt, that is, if I had an inheritance from a great-aunt?”

Liam smiled. “No catch. Hopefully, the arrangement will meet our needs—all three of us. First, I want to ask you some questions and give you a little trial test.”

“Trial test?” She was twisting her hands nervously in her lap. She saw him looking, and slowly her hands stilled. She took a deep breath and met his eyes, both trepidation and excitement in her face.

“That’s right. To determine your suitability.”

“Okay,” she agreed, clearly nervous, but determined.

“Stand up,” he directed brusquely.

“Excuse me?”

“Stand up. I want to have a look at you.”

Alex got to her feet, wrapping her arms protectively around her torso.

“Drop your hands to your sides. Look straight ahead.”

She obeyed, pink color washing over her cheeks. Her erect nipples pressed against the silk of her dress.

“Take off your dress and again stand at attention,” Liam directed.

She drew in a sudden breath and opened her mouth to speak.

Before she got past the first syllable, he cut her off. “I didn’t tell you to speak. If you can’t obey the simplest of requests, this meeting should end now. You’re applying for the position of submissive sex slave, to quote you, are you not?” He smiled to soften his words.

“Yes, Sir,” she squeaked.

“If you are to belong to us, you mustn’t hesitate, not for a fraction of a second, when either of us gives you a direct command. Is that very, very clear, Alex?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, her voice returned to its normal register.

“Good. Now, we’ll try this again. Take off your dress, Alex. If you can’t do that, thank you for coming and goodbye.”

Taking a deep breath, Alex gripped the hem of her short dress and pulled it over her head. She wore no bra. Her breasts were firm and quite lovely, the nipples dark pink, erect beneath the gaze of the two men. Her body was lean, curving in to a narrow waist and flaring gently at the hips. Her legs were slender and strong, the legs of a runner. She wore white cotton bikini panties edged with lace.

“Hands behind your head,” Liam directed.

Alex obeyed, her face now beet red, her shoulders hunched with tension.

“Relax,” Liam soothed. “Turn around so we can see your ass.”

She turned. The globes of her ass were full and round, perfect for spanking.

“She’ll do, won’t she?” Liam asked Daniel quietly.

“Put her through her paces.,” Daniel replied, his eyes fixed on her. “Let’s see how she handles that.”

Turning to Alex, who still stood facing away from them, Liam said, “You’re doing very well, Alex. Now, I want you to take off your panties. Then bend over and hold on to your ankles. You will stay in that position while I touch you. You are not to move. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” came her whisper.

Alex pushed her panties down slender thighs, her fingers trembling slightly. Kicking away her panties, she squared her shoulders, as if gathering courage. Then she bent forward in a graceful movement, keeping her legs straight as she leaned down to grip her ankles.

Liam got to his feet and approached her. “Spread your legs,” he commanded.

Alex obeyed. She was shaven, her labia like the petals of a flower.

He moved closer, reaching out to place a hand on her shapely ass.

Alex jumped slightly but otherwise remained still.

Lightly holding her hip to keep her steady, Liam dropped a hand to her bared cunt. He ran a fingertip over the smooth lips, drawing a sensual shudder from her. He cupped her entire sex for a moment before letting one finger slide toward her entrance. He chuckled softly as he touched her. Despite her obvious trepidation, the girl was sopping wet.

As he pressed a finger inside her, Alex moaned softly, pushing back against his hand.

“Don’t move,” he ordered, and she stilled at once. He moved his finger inside her, enjoying the clench of her vaginal muscles. After a few moments, he withdrew and glided his fingers up to her clit, rubbing lightly over the little nubbin. Her breath quickened, her body trembling as she struggled to remain in her awkward position.

Using several fingers, he rubbed and teased her cunt, occasionally sliding a finger into her tight tunnel. Before long, Alex was panting, her body trembling uncontrollably.

“Oh, god,” she cried. “I’m going to come.”

At once, Liam withdrew his hand. “No, you’re not. You’ll have to earn the right to orgasm. Stand up and turn around.”

Alex remained as she was, her ass lewdly thrust out toward them, her cunt red and glistening with her juices. “Please,” she begged breathily. “Please…”

Liam smacked her ass with his cupped palm.

Alex stumbled forward, losing her grip on her ankles. Quickly, she righted herself and turned toward them. She was breathing hard, her hair a wild tumble of buttery gold falling into her face, her chest heaving, her nipples hard as pebbles.

Liam lifted his brows. They clearly had their work cut out for them if they took on the task of training this girl. He glanced toward Daniel, who was scowling slightly at the naked young woman before them.

“Not much self-control, has she?” he commented.

“Very little,” Liam agreed. “Is she worth bothering with?”

“Wait. Don’t say that,” Alex blurted. “I am worth it. I promise.” As Liam suppressed a smile, she continued, “Look, I’m sorry. Don’t send me away. I’ll do better. I swear.”

Liam glanced at his partner. “What do you think, Daniel? It’s your call. Do you want her? Or shall we send this little slut packing?”

Alex fixed her beseeching gaze on Daniel, though, to her credit, she didn’t continue to beg.

Daniel tilted his head and looked her over slowly, as if he couldn’t quite make up his mind. But Liam could see by the look in his eyes and the bulge at his crotch that he was interested—very interested. Feigning nonchalance, Daniel shrugged and said, “I guess we can give her a try.” His gaze flitted to Liam. “If it pleases you, that is, Sir.”

Liam nodded. “Yes,” he said smiling at each of them in turn. “It does please me,” he admitted. “Very much.”