She dreams of a dark Master who claims her as his captive… Until the fantasy becomes all too real…

Callie is an innocent, her head filled with submissive ideas of a strong, sexy guy taking full control. When she connects online with a kindred spirit on an adults-only chat site, she shares all her secret abduction fantasies. They agree to meet for dinner, but when Callie arrives, it’s not her new friend, Diana, who is waiting for her, but the dark, sexy Master of her dreams… or is he her worst nightmare?

Warning: this Dark Obsessions novel is an edgy captive tale. Read only if you dare…



Callie opened her eyes slowly, feeling as if she’d just emerged from deep under water. She drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She’d been having the weirdest dreams. No, more like nightmares. She’d been trapped somewhere, unable to see or speak or move. The details were already fading, but the sense of helpless dread still lingered like a palpable presence.

Thank goodness she was awake now and safe in her own bed.

Why was the room so dark?

She turned her head toward the single window in her small bedroom. There was always light in the big city, no matter the hour.


What the hell?

Why was it pitch black outside, so dark she couldn’t even see the outline of the window? And where were the usual sounds of the omnipresent traffic? She strained to hear but was met only with a heavy silence. Was the city in a total blackout?

She tried to sit up and was startled to realize she couldn’t move. Her arms and legs were somehow pinned down. She lifted her head, straining to see her surroundings, and was suddenly assailed by dizziness so powerful she thought she was going to pass out.

She fell back against the pillows. Except there was no pillow beneath her head—just a very hard mattress. Rather than the air-conditioned comfort of her new apartment, the air around her was damp and warm, the smell musty.

Something was very, very wrong.

Her brain felt fuzzy and sluggish. She was befuddled and unable to think clearly. She had absolutely no memory of how she could have gotten to this awful place, wherever it was. She had the foreboding feeling she’d been there—or at least been totally out of it—for quite some time.

As she struggled to comprehend her circumstances, a cold spurt of terror froze the blood in her veins. Why couldn’t she move? Why was her head pounding like the worst hangover ever? And why was her mouth so dry that her tongue was actually sticking to the roof of her mouth?

Where in god’s name was she?

She gave an involuntary cry of terror, her voice little more than a rasping croak. She stilled, listening for any telltale sound that might clue her in to where she was. Total, ominous silence surrounded her.

She made an effort to clear her throat, and then tried again. “Hello?” she called out. “Is someone here? Where am I?” She tugged hard at the restraints wrapped around her wrists and ankles, to no avail.

“Help me!” she cried, her voice now high with panic and quavering with fear. “Someone, please help me!”

All at once, the room was illuminated by harsh overhead lighting, its fluorescent glow momentarily blinding her. Then she heard the sound of a heavy tread on stairs. As she squinted into the light, she saw a man standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Several reactions collided in her still-groggy brain. Relief that someone was there to rescue her, confusion as she tried to place the familiar face of the guy watching her, and a dark, foreboding fear that he wasn’t there to save her.

“I was wondering when you’d come to,” he said, his voice familiar, a smile on his handsome face. “You’ve been out for the past twelve hours straight. Guess I gave you a little more of the drug cocktail than I realized.”

She stared at him with incomprehension, blinking in confusion.

Then, all at once, she recognized him. Thank god. Diana’s cousin would explain what was going on. He would get her out of this terrifying situation.

But wait. What had he just said about a drug cocktail? Her muscles tensed with renewed terror, though her sluggish brain refused to catch up.

“Damon?” she whispered, still not quite making the leap between the nice man she’d had dinner with and this bizarre, terrifying situation.

He moved closer. “One and the same,” he said, his smile widening.

Callie lifted her head again, forcing herself to work through the dizziness. Her tongue felt thick and swollen, the words difficult to form. “Wha… what’s happening?” She jerked against her restraints, a wave of nausea twisting through her gut. “I don’t understand what’s happening. Can you get these cuffs off me?”

Damon shook his head. “Not yet. Not until I’m sure you understand the situation.” His smile was ugly and didn’t reach his eyes. “Don’t worry. In due time, little girl, all will become crystal clear.” Damon’s eyes flickered from her face down her body, a dark, hungry look twisting his features as he slowly licked his lips.

Following his leering gaze, Callie looked down at herself, shocked and horrified to see she was stark naked. Her wrists and ankles were shackled with leather cuffs attached to chains that disappeared over the sides of what appeared to be a canvas army cot.

Her entire body began to tremble, her teeth actually chattering with fear as she struggled desperately to comprehend. Her guts twisted and knotted with terror. How could this be happening? Where was she? Where was Diana? Why was Damon just standing there, that nasty smile on his face?

Danger. Terrible, terrible danger, a voice screamed inside her head.

Black spots appeared in front of her eyes, enlarging until they obscured her vision. A strange whistling sound echoed in her ears and a rush of saliva and bile surged into her mouth.

She parted her lips to scream, but no sound came.

Her head fell back as the darkness swallowed her whole.