The Master & the Would-be Domme

She can play at being a Domme… But she belongs to her Master…

Unemployed and desperate, Rowan stumbles across a classified ad that turns her world upside down. Wanted—Experienced Dominatrix. No sex required. Pretending to experience she doesn’t have, she somehow gets the gig. But when she attends a BDSM 101 seminar run by trainer Damon King, her new pro-Domme career threatens to derail.

Rowan, aka Mistress Marlena, might fool the sub boys at her new job, but Master Damon is intrigued. This girl isn’t who she says she is, and he’s determined to uncover the truth. As a hands-on tutorial in domination takes a sexy and submissive turn, Rowan must choose… Hard-ass Mistress, or sub girl on her knees…

The Master & the Would-be Domme is a Finding Master Right Series novel. Powerful, alpha male romance with a dark, delicious BDSM twist.

Excerpt from The book

Finally, he turned around to face her. “I think that’s enough Domme training for tonight. Canes and whips are a whole other session, and they’ll take more practice. Right now, I have another exercise in mind.”

He took her head lightly in his hands and bent down to kiss her. His mouth was soft against hers, and she sighed with pleasure as their lips parted of mutual accord. She melted into his arms as they came around her, her breasts pressed against his bare chest. He let her go all too soon.

“Another exercise?” she queried. She touched her lips, her mouth bereft of his kiss.

His smile held an edge of delicious danger that sent a thrill of confused anticipation through her gut. “It’s an exercise in submission. Your submission, Rowan. I want to test your submissive nature.”

“My submission?” Rowan’s hands fluttered to her face. “I’m a Domme, remember?” She had been trying for a saucy tone, but her voice quavered, and her heart was pounding.

Damon’s smile eased into something gentler, and he reached out to stroke her hair. “So you tell me, but it’s not what you show me.”

Her breath came out as a shuddery sigh.

“I see something in you,” he continued, lightly stroking her cheek with two fingers. “Something you maybe don’t yet see in yourself. You weren’t just casually or academically interested in my demonstration with Angela the other night. You were rapt. Your expression, your demeanor, your body language were eloquent with longing. That’s what I want to explore, if you’ll let me—if you’ll trust me.”

“But I’m not…I’ve never…” She was lying to herself, to them both, and she let the words trail away.

“Take that first step with me, Rowan. I’m not talking about whips and chains. Not yet, anyway.” He flashed a grin, but then sobered. “Right now, all I ask is that you do exactly as I say, and not a thing more. Do you think you can do that?”

No whips or chains. What did he have in mind? She could trust him. It was herself she wasn’t entirely sure of. “I guess I can try,” she finally said, curiosity and desire winning out over trepidation.

He broke into a smile, his left cheek dimpling. “Okay, cool. So, the first thing I want you to do is stoptrying to think this all through. Don’t anticipate, just be.”

“I’m not sure I know how,” she said honestly.

He placed a finger lightly over her lips. “Trust me, and trust yourself. Oh, and stop talking, too. Don’t speak at all during this first exercise, unless I specifically ask you to.”

She started to say okay, but then only nodded.

He grinned. “Good girl. Now. I’m going to touch you in various ways. You are not to respond in any way. You aren’t to touch me back, or move at all. Just stand there.”

Touch her? That sounded good. Touch her how? If this was a seduction, it was the strangest, but also the most exciting, one she’d ever experienced.

“Well, I—” she began.

“Uh-uh,” he reminded her. “No speaking.”

Chagrined, she nodded. Her lips were already tingling in anticipation of another delicious kiss. Whatever game he was playing, so far she liked it pretty well.

“Okay, the exercise starts now. Remember, whatever I do, no matter what you might be feeling, don’t respond, not with words or with your body. Keep as still as you can.”

His first kiss was on her eyelids, forcing her to close her eyes. “Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them,” he said, his voice a soft command. Rowan obeyed.

A kiss on her earlobe startled her, and she giggled and shifted slightly on her feet.

“Be still,” he whispered.

She swallowed, resisting the urge to open her eyes.

Butterfly kisses graced her cheeks, her forehead, her throat. His breath was a soft susurration on her skin. At her neck, his tongue slid, smooth and warm, over a pulsing artery, sending a shiver a raw desire through her frame.

She turned her head, needing to feel his mouth on hers.

“Don’t move,” he admonished, the slightest hint of sharpness entering his tone. “It’s the one command I’ve given you. Stay still.” Gently, he turned her face forward.

Rowan nearly snorted with frustration, though she somehow managed to keep her eyes closed. Damn it, she wanted a kiss. A real kiss like before, tongues intertwined, his hands in her hair, her inside melting with lust…

Instead, his tongue moved along her throat, sliding along the small bump of her voice box down to the hollow of her collarbone. He slipped lower, his chin grazing her breast through the silk.

Her nipples ached, straining against her bra. Perhaps if she stayed very still, he would kiss her breasts next. Her clit was throbbing, and if he’d told her to lie down and spread her legs right then, she wouldn’t have hesitated for an instant.

With casual deliberateness, Damon unbuttoned the first and then the second buttons of her dress. It was all she could do not to moan aloud, and her nipples stiffened further, if that was possible.

When he kissed the space between her lace-clad breasts, he had to feel the hammer of her heart. And, oh god, he smelled so good.

As his hot breath teased her skin, his fingers moved down her dress, opening the tiny buttons one by one. She was literally trembling with desire now, her eyelids fluttering, her breath coming in small, rapid gasps, though he’d barely done a thing.

When he pushed the dress gently from her shoulders, she didn’t protest. When what felt like his teeth nudged her lace-covered nipple, she actually groaned aloud, and then blushed hotly. Her panties were soaked.

“Rowan,” he whispered, his voice suddenly at her ear. “You may speak. What are you willing to do for me?”

“Anything,” she murmured fervently, before she had time to censor herself. Realizing what she’d said, how she must sound, she tried to backtrack. “That is, uh, I mean I wanted a kiss, that’s all.”

“Liar,” he whispered softly. Before she could protest, he took her face into his hands and pressed his mouth to hers. His kiss was passionate, urgent, his tongue claiming her as he pulled her into his arms.

When they again parted, his dark eyes were blazing, his expression intense. “I want to make love to you, Rowan. On my terms. Do you want that?”

Yes. More than anything.

Aloud, she said, “What do you mean?” She could barely catch her breath. Her legs were wobbly and she felt drunk, though all she’d had was the bottled water.

“I mean you will belong to me, if just for tonight. I will take you on a guided submissive journey. Let me just show you the possibilities. No strings, no commitments—just a taste of what things could be.”

His eyes boring into hers, he slipped a hand into her panties, and she made no move to stop him.

She couldn’t suppress her sigh as he stroked the wet folds of her sex, certainly aware of the effect he was having. “No fair,” she managed to gasp, though her body betrayed her as she involuntarily arched toward his hand.

“It won’t be fair, not on your terms. But it will be right.”