The Compound

No safeword… No control… No turning back…

What readers are saying – “Raw, gritty and as realistic as they come… Just amazing in every way!” “One of the best BDSM books I’ve ever read… Five incredible stars!”

Alexis longs for the erotic training and punishment that The Compound promises. When the dungeon masters push her to the brink, every boundary is stripped away… except the one around her heart.

Never get involved with a trainee. Master Paul has never violated his own rule. Until now…

If you crave a smoldering mix of dark, edgy BDSM and hidden desires that combust into a firestorm of forbidden passion, you’ll love The Compound.

Excerpt from the novel

“Once training is deemed complete, if you’re interested, there is a significant market of Dominants interested in procuring trained sex slaves and submissives for their own use. You would be amply compensated, if that’s a route you choose, and the fees for placement are handled by the Master who procured you. Otherwise you are free to return to your life. Some slaves choose to remain at The Compound after training, if there’s a place for them.”

Mistress Miriam smiled. “But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first. Read the contract. Take your time. Just be aware, once you sign, there’s no going back. You are committed to the month, with no recourse to leave the program. I’ll give you a few minutes alone. Can I bring you something? Coffee, a cold drink?”

Alexis swallowed, her mind reeling with what she was about to do. “Water would be good,” she managed, realizing she was in fact quite thirsty. She picked up the single page, trying to focus on the words. She couldn’t resist turning back toward the window, but the man who had been swimming was gone.

She read the terms of the contract, which were as Mistress Miriam had stated. If Alexis signed, she basically agreed to give up all rights to her person for the duration of the one-month training period. Once she signed the contract, she would be expected to comply with every dictate of The Compound staff. She would agree to submit to physical punishment and training, including but not limited to whipping, flogging, caning, bondage, sexual torture and stimulation, orgasm training and control, and sexual interactions of all kinds with her trainer and whoever the trainer deemed appropriate in the course of her training. She thought back to the first night Arthur had brought up the idea, and realized her fantasies, as wild as she had thought them at the time, weren’t at all far from the truth.

She lifted the pen Mistress Miriam had left for her, hesitating over the signature line. She didn’t have to sign. No one was holding a gun to her head. It wasn’t too late—she could still walk away. This was her choice, and hers alone.

Her ass still stinging from the bite of the cane, her cunt still throbbing from the intense orgasm she’d experienced under Mistress Miriam’s direction, Alexis asked herself if she was ready for this. Did she have the courage to go through with it? Did she want to?

She thought about the years she’d been alone. Even when she was dating guys or involved in a relationship, she always felt, at her core, alone. Her email discussions with Mistress Miriam had clarified what she’d really always known—she was a submissive who hadn’t yet found the right person or situation in which to explore and embrace that submission. Now she was being offered an amazing opportunity, and if she walked away she knew she would regret it for the rest of her life.

The office door opened and Alexis turned, expecting to see Mistress Miriam with her glass of water. Instead it was the man she’d seen in the pool, dressed now in a black button-down shirt rolled to his muscular, tanned forearms, and black jeans. Up close he was even handsomer, his eyes the same coppery color as his hair, his skin kissed by the sun.

“You must be Alexis,” he said, handing her the water. His eyes moved over her naked body and the blush she’d managed to keep at bay under Mistress Miriam’s scrutiny now bloomed over her chest and cheeks. “Mistress Miriam has been detained for a few moments. I’m Master Paul.”

Alexis took the water, electrified as their fingers touched. Please, please, please let him be my trainer.

She realized she was still holding the pen, the contract as yet unsigned. Setting down the water, she leaned over the paper and scrawled her signature on the indicated line.

There! It was done.

She leaned back in her chair, turning toward Master Paul with a nervous smile. He smiled back, his teeth even and white, his eyes crinkling at the corners suggesting a man who laughed often. “I’ll take that.” He held out his hand, and Alexis passed over the signed contract.

“Welcome to The Compound.” He glanced at his watch. “Master John, your trainer, should be here shortly to meet you.”