Texas Surrender – Serving his Master series Book 3

If you climb into the saddle, you better be ready to ride…

JD Reed’s perfect life blows up when he’s fired from a great job in the morning and finds his sub boy in bed with another guy in the afternoon. So when he’s told his family needs him back in Texas, he leaves New York without a second glance. He’ll help out at the ranch while his bereaved aunt figures out what’s next. But he didn’t count on the brooding, tattooed ranch foreman who keeps stealing into his every waking thought… Seducing the taciturn cowboy wasn’t JD’s plan, but the submissive nature hidden beneath the tough guy exterior calls to his dominant side.

Avery Dalton’s hard life left him with few options until he found his place at Circle R Ranch. But then his boss dies, ripping away the closest thing he has to family. When JD shows up, Avery fears his home will be torn from him next. He’ll never trust the city boy, but JD’s dominance draws Avery like a horse to sweet grass. And while JD is clearly interested in more than tending to the stables, Avery ignores his overtures—or at least tries to.

In a battle of wills that turns physical, the sexual tension seething just below the surface explodes like a Texas tornado, sweeping them both off their feet. But when the ranch is put up for sale, it all might end as quick as an eight-second rodeo ride. The boys can stay on the fence, or saddle up and take the reins.

Texas Surrender is a stand-alone novel in the Serving His Masters series. Powerful M/M BDSM with a romantic twist.


“Hey,” JD said.

Avery grunted a greeting without turning to look at him. He was focused on the horses. The General was sniffing at Kassie’s tail. She tossed her silver mane and whinnied as she pulled against her restraints.

All at once the bay reared up on his hind legs, his huge, erect cock pointing like a divining rod toward the tethered mare. Falling against her, he maneuvered himself to enter her while she jerked and shimmied beneath him in a futile effort to dislodge him.

Leaning his long, powerfully-muscled neck over hers, he bit down, and Kassie stilled. Both men watched the stallion’s thrusting movements. JD glanced sidelong at Avery, wondering what it would be like to bind his ankles to the fence like Kassie’s, pulling the rope up between his legs and using it like a bridle to rein him in while he fucked him standing up.

JD moved closer to Avery, so close their shoulders were touching. Avery didn’t move away. JD could feel the electricity shooting between them like a lightning storm. If he’d dared, he would have pulled Avery close and yanked down his jeans.

Instead, his eyes fixed on the mating animals, he said softly, “Imagine it, Avery. Imagine being tied down like that and taken hard. What’s that like, do you ever wonder? What would it feel like to be bound, helpless in your restraints while someone used you for his pleasure?”

He knew he was going over the line with a man he barely knew, but his gut told him Avery would respond, based on his reaction to the pain comment the night before. For his part, JD’s cock was itching for attention and the image of Avery, kneeling to service him, only made it harder. He couldn’t help the smile that curled onto his lips when he glanced down at Avery’s crotch, which left no question as to the effect his questions had on him.

Or maybe it was the effect of watching the General, who was thrusting hard into the helpless mare. No question, the scene was a primal one, the dominant animal taking what he wanted because he could.

The stallion finally let go of his grip on the mare’s neck and lifted his head, shaking his mane as his body shuddered in orgasmic release. He pulled back, balancing a moment on his hind legs before falling to all fours.

As if coming out of a trance, Avery lifted himself from his leaning posture against the fence and turned toward JD. His eyes flashed. “Let’s get one thing clear. I’d appreciate it if, for the few days you’re here, you keep your dirty little thoughts to yourself.”

JD felt as if he’d been slapped. Avery’s cock was still clearly erect, its thick, hard outline pressing against the faded denim of his jeans, and JD was absolutely sure this was a direct result of their interaction. Yet his expression was hard, his tone angry.

The guy was lying, but was it just to JD, or to himself as well?

Recovering himself, JD grinned, letting his gaze sweep in a slow, sultry movement over Avery’s body, resting on the bulge between his legs. “Your mouth,” he quipped, “is saying, ‘no, no, no,’ but your body is saying ‘yes, yes, yes.’”

Avery turned abruptly away. “I got a ranch to run. Make yourself useful and take Kassie back to her stall.”

Chapter 3

What the fuck was that guy’s problem, anyway? Who the hell did he think he was? Avery lay on his bed, his cock in his fist. Imagine being tied down like that and taken hard. What’s that like, do you ever wonder? What would it feel like to be bound, helpless in your restraints while someone used you for his pleasure?

Before his mind had even properly processed the words, his cock had sprung to attention, shooting painfully erect in a matter of seconds. How had JD clued into him so quickly? Did he have some kind of secret code tattooed on his forehead? JD’s comments the day before about pain as a sexual thing had electrified him in a similar way. Just what the hell was going on?

The odd thing was, he’d never put it all together, not the way JD seemed to. Yeah, he’d admit he loved a good, hard ass fucking, a big cock rammed into him without so much as a ‘by your leave’. He loved when the guy behind him—it had never been about who it was, just what he did—grabbed him by the hair, pulling his head back to hold him still while he fucked him hard and fast. He could practically come just from being fucked like that, without anyone even touching his cock.

He liked to give as hard as he got, though if he were completely honest, while he loved the power play, it didn’t carry quite the same charge as being roughly taken himself.

What would it be like to be tied down, as JD had suggested? To be physically restrained, unable to move, his ass cheeks splayed wide, a fat cock pushing its way in…

Avery moaned, pumping his cock. He imagined Jack, his occasional fuck buddy who worked on an oil rig in the Gulf and called Avery when he was in Dallas for a quick, hot fuck. What would Jack think of being tied down so you were…what were JD’s words…helpless in your restraints while someone used you for his pleasure.

Jack was forgotten, JD’s brown eyes staring into his, his blond hair falling over his forehead, that smart-ass grin on his face that Avery wanted to wipe off in the worst way…No fucking way would he ever let that pompous prick tie him down. If anything, he’d be the one Avery would shove in the dirt, his pants to his knees while Avery fucked him until he squealed like a girl…