A compelling story of resilience, courage and ultimate triumph.

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She’s not the first girl they’ve captured, but if she has anything to say about it, she will be the last…

A quiet loner, Jane is abducted and held, not for ransom, but to be a toy in a dangerous, sadistic sexual game. Her captors keep her locked in a cage when they aren’t using her for their twisted pleasure.

No one is looking for her. Jane is on her own if she hopes to escape. Her world shrinks to survival and a rising determination to break free.

It’s only a matter of time until they tire of her. Will she find the courage and cunning to fight? Or will they make her simply… disappear?

Based on the novel Frog – completely revised & dramatically expanded

See excerpt below.

Excerpt from Chapter One

Jane always seemed to get the shopping cart with the wobbly wheel. It veered to the right, and she had to keep pulling to the left to keep it straight. She could have gone back and picked another. Instead, she doggedly kept marching down the supermarket aisles, determined to get her meager shopping done. Her left shoe was bothering her, and her skirt, too large in the waist, kept slipping on her hips.

At least her work day was over, her deadly dull shift at the hospital completed. She would be home soon. She would take a nice, hot bath and watch some TV.

She grabbed things at random as she moved through the store. Food didn’t interest her. She ate to stay alive. Her choices reflected her lack of enthusiasm—microwavable meals, two cans of peaches, some pre-formed hamburgers, a jar of instant coffee, a box of cereal and a quart of milk.

Plain food for a plain girl, as her mother would have said.

Jane pushed her hair back from her forehead with one hand while she unloaded her cart onto the conveyor belt. A pimply-faced boy scanned her purchases, looking bored, not bothering to make eye contact.
Which was fine with Jane. And par for the course. No one ever noticed her.
“That’s the one, Robert. Right over there.” Brenda whispered. She lifted her chin to indicate the target.

The girl in the checkout line at the supermarket looked to be in her mid-twenties. She was a little thing, no more than five foot two, with dark blond hair that hung limp and straight around a sullen face.

“Her?” Robert replied, squinting in confusion. He would have liked to take off the dark glasses he wore as part of his disguise to see her better, but Brenda had cautioned him about store surveillance cameras. “She’s nothing special. Why her?”

“Shh, lower your voice. You don’t want to attract attention,” Brenda whispered, her head down, her face obscured by a big, floppy hat. She was leafing through a magazine at a nearby closed checkout line.

“Right,” Robert muttered, pretending to choose a candy bar. “Sorry.” He reexamined the girl with a sidelong glance.

Without looking up, Brenda murmured, “Look at the way she dresses, her slumped posture, that resigned scowl on her face. Look in her cart. She’s definitely buying for one. There’s no one at home waiting for her, I’d bet my bottom dollar on that. No ring. No makeup. No one to try and impress. Add to that, I’m guessing she’s got a nice little body under those hideous clothes. She’s perfect.”

A slow, mean smile spread on Robert’s face. His balls tightened with excitement, like someone had just turned a key and started his engine.

They hung back, watching the girl pay for her things. As she left the store, they followed, hats pulled down low, sunglasses in place. The girl led them to an old Ford Escort with a dented back fender. Figured she’d drive a car like that.

Robert and Brenda stayed one row over, using the cover of a pickup truck as they watched the girl. Robert was revved for action. Let the game begin. He nudged his wife impatiently. “She’s ripe for the plucking. Go for it, babe.”

Brenda lifted her chin in that resolute way she had. Shoving her hands into her pockets, she headed toward the girl.

Robert moved stealthily along his row so he could watch and listen.

As Brenda approached the girl’s car, she called out, “Excuse me, ma’am?”

The girl didn’t turn around, but kept fumbling with her car key.

Brenda came closer. “Excuse me. Can you help me?”

The girl finally looked up with obvious reluctance. “What?”

“I’m so sorry to trouble you, ma’am,” Brenda continued in an anxious, trembling voice. She was so fucking good at this part. Hidden from view, Robert leaned closer to hear. “My car battery seems to have died. I was hoping you could give me a jumpstart? I have the cables.”

When the girl didn’t immediately respond, Brenda’s face crumpled as she added, “Please. My husband will kill me if I’m late again.”

Robert grinned at the irony of her remark. As if he would dare to kill Brenda for anything. She’d have his balls on a plate if he tried to cross her.

His grin widened as she continued with tears in her voice, “He has such a temper, and when I’m late, he takes it out on the kids.” She trailed off, looking so miserable and embarrassed that even Robert felt almost sorry for her.

The girl’s expression softened, and she gave a curt nod. “Okay, I guess.” She glanced around the lot. “Where’s your car?”

“Thank you so much,” Brenda gushed, really laying it on. “It’s over in the next lot. I’ve been trying to find someone to help me for nearly twenty minutes. I only like to approach a woman for help. I’m sure you understand. If you could just give me a ride over there, that would make the most sense.”

The girl looked unsure, but Brenda placed a hand on her arm. “Please, you’d really be helping me out of a jam.”

The girl shrugged. “Okay, I guess,” she repeated.

As the pair climbed into the girl’s car, Robert slid out of sight and shot a fist of excitement into the air. Brenda had done it again.

He took off at a trot toward the back of the building, weaving through the lot to avoid being in the girl’s line of sight. Leaving their own cars safely at home, they’d taken an Uber into town, and then caught a bus to this particular supermarket, which only had cameras in the front parking lot.

As soon as the Ford pulled into the spot beside the dumpster, Robert appeared at the driver’s side and yanked open the door. He reached for the girl’s seatbelt and released it. Before she could react, he grabbed her arm and pulled her out. Moving quickly, he yanked one arm up hard behind her back, while covering her mouth with his free hand. The girl struggled against him, but she was no match for his strength.

Brenda, meanwhile, leaped out of the passenger seat and pulled the back door open. The girl weighed almost nothing. It was easy for Robert to force her into the car and then slide in beside her and pull the door closed. They got it all done in under ten seconds.

Brenda, already in the driver’s seat, drove sedately out of the lot. As she turned onto the road, she reached into her bag for the syringe.
Holding the yelping, thrashing girl with one arm, Robert accepted the syringe Brenda held up, her eyes still on the road. Flipping up the girl’s skirt, he plunged the needle into her thigh, releasing a powerful dose of a knockout drug into her system.

Within seconds, her struggling slowed and then ceased, her body going limp as her eyes rolled back in her head. Robert adjusted her so she lay in his lap, her body stretched out along the seat.

Eager to see their new toy’s body, he tore open her blouse in a spray of buttons and then pushed up her bra. Brenda had been right. Her tits were small but pretty, nicely rounded, with pale pink nipples.

“She’s got cute little titties,” he said, his cock stiffening with appreciation. “We’re going to have fun with this one.” He smiled, imagining all the wonderful, terrible things they were going to do to her. He twisted one of her nipples, just for fun. She didn’t even flinch. She was out cold.

Brenda laughed. “We did it, babe. I told you she was a good mark. I can’t wait to get her home.”

“You picked a good one,” Robert agreed admiringly. He mauled the girl’s breasts and then lightly slapped her face, which remained slack and still. She really wasn’t so bad looking, now that the scowl was off her face.

His cock was painfully bent in his jeans. As Brenda pulled onto the highway, he unzipped his fly and adjusted himself. Too bad he’d had to knock her out. He would have liked to shove his cock down her throat right then and make her suck him off good. Ah, well. Plenty of time for that later.

He pushed her head forward so he could get his cock out. Fisting his shaft, he stared down at their new toy, barely able to contain his excitement.

“Come on her face, babe,” Brenda said in a husky voice, and he saw she was watching in the rearview mirror.

“Your wish is my command,” Robert said with a laugh. He squeezed the girl’s pretty little titties with one hand as he jerked himself off with the other. Aroused as he was, it didn’t take long. Aiming his dick, he shot his load on her face and chest.

The girl was still out when they pulled into their long drive. The place was built for privacy, including the twelve-foot electrified fence that surrounded the ten-acre country property.

Brenda eased the old car into the four-car garage, next to Brenda’s Bentley, the Land Rover and his Porsche 911. Robert climbed out and hoisted the limp girl into his arms. Brenda held open the door that led from the garage into the kitchen.

Robert laid the girl on the kitchen table while Brenda riffled through her purse. She found the girl’s wallet, which held her driver’s license in a plastic sleeve. Peering at it, Brenda read, “Jane Frug.” She made a face. “What the hell kind of a name is Frug?”

“Sounds like frog. I bet she was teased a lot in school,” Robert offered with a grin.

Brenda leaned over the table, examining the girl’s face. “She looks a little bit like a frog,” she said nastily. “If we kiss her, does she turn into a princess?”

Robert grinned. “You’re the only princess I want, babe,” he said.

Brenda reached for him and grabbed his balls through his jeans. ”I better be.” She squeezed just a little too hard.

Robert winced but knew better than to pull away. “You know it, babe,” he managed.

“Damn straight.” Brenda released him with a satisfied smile. “I’m in charge. Don’t you forget it.”

“No, ma’am,” Robert said with a grin, cupping his crotch.

Brenda glanced again at the girl sprawled over the table. “Let’s get her into her new home.”

Robert scooped the little thing into his arms and followed Brenda to the alcove just past the kitchen that led down to the basement. She opened the door and reached in to flick on the lights and then took a step back.

Robert carried the girl down the basement stairs, Brenda right behind him. The cage was large enough to allow a small woman like Jane to sleep reasonably comfortably, as long as she curled up.

In preparation for her arrival, he’d placed some old blankets inside. He’d secured a large water bottle to the outside of the cage with a metal straw hanging down between the bars, like his pet hamsters had when he was a kid. Fresh newspaper was waiting near the floor drain. There was a spigot in the wall next to a coiled hose.

The last girl had given them such a hard time, struggling and fighting like a wild thing when they were trying to have fun. As a result, Robert had installed a clever pulley and bar system in the ceiling, and he was quite pleased with the results. It was perfect for restraining and suspending their new toy for easy access during play. Finally, he’d hung some of their toys and restraints on hooks along the walls.

He set the girl on an exercise mat near the cage and crouched beside her. Between them, they pulled off her clothing, revealing her slender, pale body. Her cunt was bearded in sparse, dark blond pubic hair. Robert’s cock rose at the sight of the naked girl.

He reached into the waist of his jeans to adjust his erection. He wouldn’t have minded fucking her then and there.

Brenda glanced at him. Reading his mind as she often did, she frowned and said. “Keep your dick in your pants. The drug’s going to wear off soon. Put her in the cage.”

As Brenda collected the girl’s discarded clothing, Robert lifted her from the mat and slid her into the cage. He closed the cage door and clicked the combination lock closed.

“Let’s have some dinner while we wait for her to come to,” Brenda suggested. “We can watch her while we eat. Once she’s awake, we can introduce her to her new home.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Robert agreed, glancing up at the closed-circuit camera they had installed. He rubbed his hands together, eager to get things started.

With a last look at their new toy, they closed the door and headed upstairs.