Submissive Secrets

If you were the queen of pleasure, and I were the king of pain…

Trisha’s looking for a sexy adventure, but she doesn’t bargain on a guy who can strip all her defenses bare. Dominant alpha male personified, he merely looks at her, and the walls that guard her dark secrets of erotic submission coming tumbling down…

Throwing caution to the wind, Trisha gives herself to a man who doesn’t hesitate to seize control of her body, heart and soul. But there’s more—much more—to her sexy new Dom than meets the eye…

Submissive Secrets is a prequel story to the Erotic Awakenings Series. Dare to take a journey of D/s discovery. Experience the edgy passion, power, and romance of erotic submission.
Excerpt from Chapter 1

The Thai café was not much more than a hole in the wall nestled between a dry cleaners and a deli in one of Houston’s ubiquitous strip malls. But as they stepped into the small dining room, it was like entering another world. The walls were completely covered with brightly dyed batik tapestries depicting scantily clad Thai women in artful poses, with peacocks, flowing waterfalls and mountains as a backdrop. Incense and cinnamon scented the air. Candles in small glasses flickered on every available surface. There was only room for four tables, none of which were occupied.

A small woman appeared, smiling and bowing as she gestured them to have a seat. As she placed menus before them, Will said, “We’ll have two Thai iced coffees and a plate of almond cookies.”

“This place is great,” Trisha said, looking around as they waited for their order. “How did you find it? It’s like we’re in another country.”

“I like to hunt down the exotic. Make it my own.” He ran his fingers lightly over her arm, and Trisha shivered with both pleasure and anticipation.

The waitress returned a moment later with their order, and then disappeared once more. Trisha lifted the large, cold glass and took a sip. The spiced coffee was very strong and very sweet, but at the same time quite refreshing.

Will leaned over the table, his eyes fixed on hers. “Tell me your secrets, Trisha.”

“Excuse me?” Trisha blurted, surprised by the directness and intimacy of the question.

“Let’s skip all the small talk. Who our parents are, what we want to be when we grow up. Let’s skip all of it. Let’s go right to the heart of the matter. There’s something between us. We knew it the minute we saw each other. Our connection is already forged, Trisha. All we have to do now is seize it. I want you. I know you want me.”

Trisha started to deny it. To explain she liked to take her time with someone new, to protest that his question was far too personal for a first date, or encounter, or whatever this was. Yet, even as she opened her mouth to pretend, something in his expression stopped her. It was as if he could see right into her mind, her heart. And yes, she did want him.

Her nipples rose to attention as his eyes raked over her. A pulsating heat throbbed between her legs, and she shifted in her chair, crossing her legs as she tried, and failed, to look away from Will’s intense gaze.

He released her from his spell as he leaned back in his chair. Stroking his chin thoughtfully, he said, “Shall I tell you about yourself, Trisha? The things I see, the things I deduce from the way you hold yourself? From the way our bodies seemed to meld when we danced? From the sweet blush on your cheeks when I told you I knew you wanted me?”

His easy confidence and his obvious certainty of his own charms would have bordered on arrogance, except for the sincerity in his lovely blue eyes.

Trisha leaned forward, spellbound, ready to hear revelations she had never dared acknowledge, at least not aloud. “Tell me,” she whispered, her heart tapping in her chest.

Will placed his hand over hers. “I see a woman who has held herself apart. A woman who keeps quiet about what really moves her. A strong woman who knows her own mind but is careful. Perhaps too careful, when it comes to her feelings, to what she craves, and what she longs for.”

Trisha held her breath.

“You need someone who can appreciate your strength, your courage, yet not be afraid to exploit your vulnerabilities. I mean that in the most romantic sense. You have closely held secrets. Dark secrets. Secrets you’ve never shared because you didn’t have the right guy to share them with.”

“And you’re that guy?” She’d meant to sound sassy, even sarcastic, but the words had come out in a whisper, her longing palpable between them.