Submission in Paradise

She’s ready to be pampered in paradise… But somehow ends up in the hands of a sexy Master…

Claire Devon works hard and plays… never. Forced on vacation, she journeys to the exotic Paradise Islands, expecting romantic moonlit walks and sweet kisses over candlelight dinners. But when a mix-up lands her on the resort’s BDSM island, she is ensnared by an exacting Master who demands one thing—her full obedience.

Master Ayden, a professional BDSM trainer and strict taskmaster, eagerly takes this bratty sub girl firmly in hand. She needs to learn that he’s the one who makes—and enforces—the rules. Breaking them earns her a spanking she won’t soon forget…

Claire’s wild attraction to this dark, controlling Master shocks her. But once Pandora’s box of forbidden desires is open, there is no going back… for either of them.

Submission in Paradise is a novel in the Erotic Awakenings Series. Dare to take a journey of D/s discovery. Experience the edgy passion, power, and romance of erotic submission.
Excerpt from Book

“What if,” she began in a tentative tone, her body tingling suddenly with the memory of that intense spanking and the subsequent powerful orgasm, “I did want to explore this submission thing you’re talking about?”

Ayden was quiet for several beats. “I’m not sure you understand what you’re saying. What that would entail.”

“So enlighten me then,” Claire retorted, frustrated and a little embarrassed that he hadn’t immediately leaped on the idea. Hadn’t he been the one to claim he wanted to explore her submissive potential, as he called it?

This time his smile did reach his eyes, which crinkled merrily at the corners. “All right then. Here’s the deal. If I were to agree to take you on for the week, it would be on my terms, not Paradise Islands’ and most definitely not yours.”

“Take me on?” It was Claire’s turn to lift her brows.

Ayden nodded. “That’s correct. If I agree to stay here with you for the week, it will be as your trainer. You will be subject to my rules, and you will obey to the very best of your ability, or suffer the consequences.”

“Oh, yeah. Right,” Claire snorted and tried to grin. Was he nuts? Yet, beneath her cavalier dismissal was a sudden, intense yearning that nearly took her breath away.

Ayden didn’t grin back. He regarded her with a somber gaze. “Those are the terms, Claire. And I don’t enter into them lightly. Nor should you. You already know I’m very attracted to you—I’ve told you as much with more than just words. But this isn’t about that. What I’m offering you is a chance to connect with a part of your psyche I’m sensing has gone largely unexplored. And I believe, until you understand that part of yourself, and beyond that, learn to embrace it, you will remain unfulfilled.”

Claire found herself mute as she waited for him to continue.

“Forgive me if I overstep,” Ayden went on, “but I’m willing to venture that you’ve never found the man who could meet the needs you hold deep inside—needs you haven’t been able to articulate or even understand. Perhaps you’ve even given up on finding the kind of intensity in a relationship that you crave.

“I’m guessing you throw yourself into your work as a way to avoid the inevitable disappointment when yet another potential partner falls by the wayside of your expectations. I’m not saying you don’t date or have men in your life.” He gave a small, appreciative chuckle. “In fact, with your beauty and charm, I’m sure you have to fend them off with a stick. But what I mean is, you haven’t found the one who makes your heart pound, the one who can connect on a level beyond language, beyond conscious thought, to that part of you that longs for something deeper, something more intimate than mere sex.”

“And let me guess the next line,” Claire quipped, letting the sarcasm ripple through her words to cover her discomfiture. “You’re that man?” Even as she said this, she felt foolish. He was trying to express something important, and she was reacting like a defensive teenager.

His smile seemed sad, which made her feel even worse for the snarky comment. If she could have pulled the words back, she would have. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I’m not usually like this. You have me flustered.”

“It’s okay. Really. I’m throwing a lot at you. I don’t mean to put you on the defensive. I just want you to understand that I know who you are. I know, because I’m the flip side of your coin. I spent years refusing to connect with that dominant part of my nature because I was confused about the difference between dominance and being a bully or a pig. It took me a while to figure out that inflicting erotic pain is a very different thing from raising a hand to a woman. Accepting a consensual exchange of power is very different from taking what you want because you can. I didn’t get to a new level of understanding by myself. There were people in the community, in the lifestyle, to guide and help me.”

Ayden again put his hand over hers and Claire turned hers so their palms were touching. “Wow. That sounds pretty intense. I barely know what you’re talking about. This is all so new to me.”

Ayden nodded. “There are as many variations in the lifestyle as in any vanilla relationship. But underlying a true D/s connection is the understanding that, once the sub willingly and freely gives herself to her Dom, she abdicates her erotic freedom. The exchange of power is consensual, but also absolute. By the same token, the Dom’s responsibility for the sub’s wellbeing and his promise to love and cherish her submission is absolute.”

Claire realized she had been holding her breath and she let it out with a sigh. The picture he painted sounded so romantic, but also so strange.

“Of course, we’re just talking about a week of training. It’s a taste, if you will, a chance for you to dip your toe in the waters and see if this is a path you want to explore. Under those conditions, I’m willing to give you a glimpse into what a D/s lifestyle entails. Not as a game, or part of a play vacation package, but as a true training experience. Frankly, I’m not sure how far we can go, given how new you are to the experience and given the constraints of a single week, but if you’re interested, it’s a place to start.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Claire murmured, though her body seemed to know. She still didn’t fully grasp everything he was saying, but every fiber of her being felt alive, nerve ends firing, blood pumping, skin tingling, heart pounding, nipples aching.

“It’s your call, Claire,” Ayden continued. “It’s your decision. Just be aware, if you say yes to the training, there’s no going back. You don’t call it quits the moment you find yourself embarrassed or resistant to something I require of you. It’s a lot to ask, I get that. Maybe too much, since to make the experience meaningful, absolute trust is essential. It’s the only way I could make this work, not just for you, but for myself.”

Claire stared at the handsome man across the table, her mouth working, though no sound came. His cell phone began to chirp. “It’s Sylvia,” he said, looking down at the screen. “I’ll just tell her we’re discussing options, shall I?”

Mutely, Claire nodded, glad of the momentary reprieve.

Ayden picked up the phone, swiped his finger over the screen and lifted it to his ear. “Hi, Sylvia.” Claire could hear a woman’s voice speaking rapidly through the receiver. “Yes, that’s right. There was a mix up.” He paused as another torrent of feminine sound burst through the phone. “I will let her know. Of course. Full refund. New week. Yes, I understand. But I have a question for you. Ms. Devon and I are discussing some alternate possibilities at the moment. Listen, if we do decide to move forward with the week, that’s not a problem, correct? No one else is booked for the island?” He paused to listen and then smiled. “Excellent. I’ll let you know of our decision within the hour. Yes, yes. I do appreciate that. I will tell her. Okay, I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks. Bye.”

He replaced the phone on the table and leaned back in his chair. “I am to pass on her heartfelt apologies. She hopes you will stay for the week, and wants you to know you have a free week waiting whenever you’re ready to rebook. Meanwhile, she’s fine with us using this island for the week. It’s up to you. If you agree, I’ll call Scott and let him know we won’t need his services until he brings fresh supplies mid-week. But remember, if you say yes, you’re agreeing to a week of intensive D/s training. This won’t be an act and neither of us will be playing a part.

“I take what I do very seriously, and I will expect no less from you. The word no will not exist in your vocabulary. This doesn’t mean I’m going to force you to do things you are uncomfortable with or afraid of. I will ascertain and respect your limits as a part of the process. But you need to know that if you commit to this process, I will be the one to decide everything you do, or do not do, for the duration of the week. So, what will it be, Claire Devon? Yes, or no?”

Claire stared at Ayden, her thoughts racing. Could she do all that he seemed to be asking of her? Did she want to? Was she crazy to even consider it? Better to let Scott pick her up and take her away from this tiny island and this whole bizarre scenario. If she wanted to try this training thing with Ayden, she could always look him up once she was back in Houston. She could do it in her own time, on her own terms.

Or not. She could go back to her life—her familiar, comfortable, lonely, quiet life that consisted of work and sleep and little else.

Ayden reached across the table and drew his thumb in a sensual line down Claire’s cheek. His eyes seemed to be looking past hers and right into her secret thoughts. She felt naked beneath his penetrating gaze. Her heart was pounding. Her mouth was dry and she couldn’t seem to catch her breath.

Her rational mind told her to refuse.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes.”