Obsession: Girl Abducted

He’s her biggest fan. She doesn’t know he exists. That’s about to change…

Dark, passionate obsession drives Mark to abduct the woman of his dreams. Now that she belongs to him, he’ll teach her to submit,  no matter how long it takes, no matter the cost to her sanity.

At first, Alana resists her cruel captor at every turn. But, as she’s drawn deeper into his web of total control, the outside worlds slowly falls away…

Then, she’s faced with a choice…

Publisher’s note: This novel is explicit, dark and edgy. Read only if you dare.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Alana is naked in the white, empty room, her wrists strung high above her head, pulling her body taut. She lifts her head and whispers, “Mark. I love you. I’ve always loved you and only you.”

“And I love you, Alana, my beloved. My slave girl.”

Her legs are spread wide, held in place by a long bar of gleaming metal, attached cuffs securing each ankle. Her body is marked from the whip, each welt an offering. “I want to suffer for you, Sir,” she says in her low, husky voice. “I was born to suffer for you.”

“Yes,” he agrees.

She drops her head again, her dark shiny hair tousled and damp with perspiration. He brings the whip down, striking her supple flesh again and again, coiling it around her thigh, her breasts, the perfect globes of her ass. Her cries echo in the empty room.


Mark lay on the bed, his hand on his cock as he watched her on the screen. Alana Hunter was laughing toward him, her dark blue eyes beckoning him as he sighed. He’d watched this video a dozen times or more, but he never tired of it. When the male character began to unbutton Alana’s blouse, Mark moaned. He should be the only one to do that.

Soon he would be.

Soon Alana Hunter, adored by millions, would belong to Mark and Mark alone. On the screen, Alana pouted at her faux lover, her lips like ripe fruit begging to be bitten. It wouldn’t be long now, and Mark would be the only one to touch that lovely face, kiss those luscious lips, whip that perfect ass.

As Mark watched Alana surrender herself to her on-screen lover in the climactic final scene of the adventure-love story, longing dragged like a knife through his gut. He groaned as he pumped his cock, stroking in time to the movements of the lovers on the screen.

When she looked at the camera—at him—there was a sultry “I dare you” quality in her expression, but Mark knew she was an innocent. He’d followed her career for the past seven years with avid attention. Beyond the movies, he read every interview, scoured the internet for every story, feature and hint of gossip he could find, and wrote for several online blogs that catered to Alana Hunter fans.

Two years ago, he’d finally managed to get tickets to the screening of her latest movie, and that was the day he’d decided to stop living on the sidelines of Alana Hunter’s life. Seeing her in person had been the most thrilling moment of his existence to that point.

She had worn a simple but elegant blue dress that clung alluringly to her perfect curves. She’d walked with the easy confidence of the beautiful and adored along the receiving line, stopping every few feet to be photographed and to greet her fans. When she’d turned her dazzling smile on Mark, electricity had sparked between them. Though she looked away a moment later to smile at the next fan, they’d shared something unique.

It was at that moment he began to devise his plan.