An exotic vacation becomes an abduction nightmare…

On her trip through Thailand, Leah meets Devin, a sexy Brit who shares her love of sensual BDSM. Just as things are getting interesting between them, a group of ruthless sex slave traffickers targets Leah, throwing her into a dark and dangerous nightmare. Held captive by a sadistic Master, Leah is tortured and controlled against a backdrop of magnificent wealth and opulence.

Devin can’t believe Leah would disappear without so much as a word, and he’s determined to uncover the truth. But there are dangerous forces at work, men with a vested interest in making sure he fails…

Previously titled: Sold into Slavery

Sold is a Dark Obsession Series novel. Erotic non-con that’s not for the faint of heart. Read only if you dare.
Excerpt from Chapter 1

Leah wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. Though it was only March, the day had dawned hot and wet, the temperature already over ninety degrees. While it had felt pleasant enough when lying on the beach with the sea breeze keeping her cool, here in the heart of the old shopping district with its close, narrow streets and throngs of people was another story.

She touched the V at the hollow of her neck, feeling the lack there, and it made her smile. She was well and truly over Todd Benjamin. He was just a memory, and a fading one, at that.

She’d spent the entire night in Devin’s arms. They’d made love again at dawn, this time taking it slower, exploring each other’s bodies with passion and tenderness. As Devin held her close, he whispered his promise that soon she would experience the stinging kiss of the whip and the sensual, hot comfort of binding rope.

She’d slept deeply after that, not waking until after nine. When she’d reached for her new lover, she’d been dismayed to find the bed was empty and Devin nowhere in sight. He’d left her a note, written in a strong, masculine hand on the hotel’s stationery:

Darling Leah,

I couldn’t bring myself to wake you, as you look so beautiful lying there asleep, with that soft smile on your lips that I like to imagine I put there! I have to spend a dreary day with stodgy old businessmen, but I should be back in time for dinner. Feel free to order room service. I can’t wait to see you again, lovely girl. If we don’t connect sooner, meet me in the bar at 7:00. I do hope you are free for dinner and then…

With wonderful, wicked thoughts of what I’m going to do to you, Devin

Though she would have rather spent the morning in Devin’s arms, Leah contented herself with a breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice and hot rolls with butter and jam, after which she took a long, steamy soak in Devin’s hot tub. While in the tub, she’d removed the slave collar, no longer wanting someone else’s chain around her neck, even if it had lost its original meaning. She’d dropped it into the bathroom trashcan, wondering why she’d worn it for so long.

When she finally headed back to her own room it was nearly one o’clock in the afternoon. Surveying her meager wardrobe, she decided she would buy a few new things—something nice for their dinner date, and definitely something sexy for the promised, “and then…” in his note.

Now Leah scanned the signs along the storefronts, weaving her way past the crowds as she looked for the jewelry and gem shop the concierge at the hotel had recommended. Again she touched her throat, thinking perhaps she’d find a pretty new necklace for herself, and maybe some gifts for friends and family back home.

At first she’d been a little surprised the concierge had pushed the jewelry store so hard when she’d asked about clothing boutiques. She figured probably a family member owned it, which would explain why the guy had been so eager to show her the glossy color brochure featuring the finest jewels and gemstones available at the most reasonable prices. “Tell them Jao sent you, and I can guarantee you will get the best price. They’ll know you’re not just any tourist, but an experienced traveler, with a good eye for a bargain. Let me know when you’re going,” he’d said eagerly. “I’ll call ahead so they’ll be ready with the finest gems, the ones they keep in the back for their best customers.”

Armed with Jao’s directions and a promise from him that she’d find the jewels of her dreams, she finally spied the storefront with the neatly lettered sign in the window. Glorious Gemstones and Jewels was written in English, with Thai lettering beneath it. She pushed opened the door, causing bells to tinkle as she entered the small shop.

It was a long, narrow room, the interior dark and cool compared to the muggy outside air. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness, she saw the place was filled with glass cases displaying all kinds of jewelry, from gaudy gold chains and cheap watches, to wedding band sets and ropes of pearls, to loose gemstones in vibrant reds, greens, blues and amber.

“May I help you?” A small Thai woman in a brightly colored silk dress stood behind one of the counters.

“I’m Leah Jacobs, a friend of Jao’s,” Leah offered, curious how this would be received.

“Ah, yes, I have been expecting you.” The woman smiled, bobbing her head in an eager nod. “I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Jao mentioned you are no mere tourist, but a woman of some culture and experience, a woman who knows the value of fine gemstones.”

While this was probably an exaggeration, Leah was pleased Jao had played her up like this. Hopefully it meant she’d get better treatment and be offered higher quality goods than the run-of-the-mill tourist. She smiled, saying casually, “I’m just looking.”

“Of course.” The woman nodded. “Our best quality items are in the back of the store. The selection out here is for the tourists.”

I knew it, Leah thought triumphantly.

The woman came from around the counter. “I only show the quality jewels to the most discerning of customers. And of course, to friends of Jao.”

Leah pretended to hesitate, not wanting to be too obvious in her interest, but she definitely wanted to see the quality goods, and have a go at haggling down the price, no matter what was offered.

“All right,” she agreed. “Though as I said, I’m just looking at the moment.”

“Of course. I’ll just lock up the store for a few minutes so we can take our time and not be disturbed.” The woman moved toward the front door, sliding a bolt in place and turning the sign from Open to Closed.

Discomfited at first by the shopkeeper closing the store just for her, Leah supposed it made sense, since the shopkeeper couldn’t very well leave the displays unattended while she took Leah in back. She must be assuming Leah was a rich American with plenty of American dollars to spend. Leah would look, but she’d made no promises to buy.

The woman gestured toward an entrance that was hung with strings of bright glass beads in lieu of a proper door and moved in that direction. Leah followed her through the beads into a tiny room that contained a round wooden table with two chairs and a small kitchen area with a stove and half-size refrigerator.

“Please.” The woman gestured toward the table. “Have a seat, won’t you? I will give you some iced coffee. Then I will bring out the trays of our finest jewels for your personal inspection.”

“Thank you,” Leah said. She took a seat at the table as the woman moved toward the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, removing a large glass pitcher with what looked like dark coffee inside it, along with a small white bottle Leah assumed was cream. The woman took a glass from the cabinet and filled it with the dark coffee and cream, stirring it into a caramel swirl.

As she watched the woman prepare the coffee, Leah realized she was in fact parched, and a nice glass of strong, sweet Thai iced coffee sounded pretty darn good at that moment, even if she was just being buttered up so she’d make a purchase.

The glass was set before her, along with a dish of saltine crackers. “To your health,” the woman said. Leah picked up the glass and sipped. It was very sweet, too sweet, really, for Leah’s taste, but it was cold and wet, and she was thirsty, so she took a long, deep gulp.

Oddly, she felt thirstier than she had a moment before, and there was a metallic taste in the back of her throat. She lifted the glass again, taking another gulp of the thick, sweet liquid to wash it away.

The woman smiled, nodding approvingly. “I’ll bring the jewels. You drink that all up like a good girl.”

Leah set the glass down harder than she’d meant to, clunking it against the scarred wood of the table. Her head felt suddenly heavy, her eyelids drooping down as if lead weights were attached to them. The sounds of the traffic outside the shop were muffled and there was a strange whooshing sound in her ears, as if her head were suddenly inside a seashell.

Leah tried to lift her hand to her face, but only succeeded in knocking over the glass, spilling the remaining liquid onto the table. “Help me. Something is wrong,” she tried to say, but only managed a garbled, “Heh muh, sutha gah…”

The last thing she saw before her head hit the table was the shopkeeper, who reentered the room with two men holding coils of rope in their hands.