His darkest fantasy… Her worst nightmare…

When the boss discovers Jessie’s clandestine S&M business, and that she’s using his company resources to run it, he issues an ultimatum she doesn’t dare refuse. Backed into a corner, scared and desperate, Jessie will do just about anything to hold his threats at bay.

Cutting Eric in on the profits of her S&M venture is a start, but he wants more…much more. Giving in to his darkest impulses, he steps far outside the bounds of safe, sane and consensual. For Jessie, being kept naked and caged is only the beginning…

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Previously titled: Caught

Punished is a Dark Obsession Series novel. Erotic non-con that’s not for the faint of heart. Read only if you dare.
Excerpt from Chapter 1

Dios mio, you scared the crap out of me!” Jessie’s tone was strident, even indignant. She was dressed in a tight-fitting black tank top and black jeans over red cowboy boots. Her dark hair hung down past her shoulders and the color was rising in her cheeks.

Eric lifted his eyebrows, amused and intrigued by this new persona—the real Jessie. He stepped beside her and put the key into the padlock he’d purchased that afternoon. Opening the door to the unit, he gestured her inside.

“You’re a little early for our meeting. I meant nine in the morning, not at night. But then, you knew that,” he said. When she didn’t respond, he added casually, “Care to show me around?”

Instead of entering the space, Jessie took a step back. “Look, it’s not what you think—” she began.

“Oh? And what is it I think? Why don’t you tell me, Princess Lola?”

She turned her large, dark eyes on him. They filled with tears, one spilling down her cheek. “Please, Eric,” she said, now using the soft, submissive voice she used in the office. “I—I wasn’t doing any harm. I’ll get it all cleared out right away.”

No harm, except maybe killing some poor fucker, Eric thought, but he held his tongue, not yet ready to tip his hand. “What’s your hurry? Aren’t you going to give me a tour? You’ve got quite the setup here.”

Jessie’s eyes darted nervously past Eric, her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides. He could tell she was weighing her options as she tried to decide what to do. He almost felt sorry for her.

She took a sudden step to the side, but Eric, anticipating the move and shifting just as fast, positioned himself between her and the exit. He put his hand on her upper arm. “You’re not going anywhere, Jessie. Don’t even think about it.”

With obvious reluctance, Jessie allowed herself to be propelled into the room.

Eric quickly closed the door and used the unit key to lock it from the inside. Pocketing the key, he moved toward the rack of BDSM gear and picked up a wicked-looking whip. “You really need to know what you’re doing to handle one of these, eh?” He put it back and lifted out a flogger with dozens of thick, soft leather strands. Running his fingers through the supple leather, he turned to her with a smile. “I prefer one of these babies, at least to start with.”

Jessie’s eyes widened.

“What?” Eric asked with feigned innocence, enjoying the look of surprise on her face. “Think you’re the only one with secrets?” He put the flogger back and selected a cane, whipping it through the air, grinning as Jessie winced. Maybe he’d make her drop her jeans right then and there. He’d paint some pretty welts on that hot ass of hers. The thought made his cock hard, but it was just a fantasy.

He put the cane back and walked over to the high-end digital camera. “I saw you pull up in that rental truck. Were you planning to clear the company equipment away too? I guess you were just running me a line about meeting me at the office in the morning, huh?”

“No, no, of course not,” Jessie protested. “I came to put everything back. I just forgot this one time.” Clearly flustered, she added, “Um, I mean, this was the first time—”

“Spare me.” Eric cut her off. The chick couldn’t lie worth shit. “I don’t believe a word you’re saying, so save the act.” He moved closer. “You can cut the crap, Jessie. I did some exploring today. I know about your site. I know all about it.”

He watched Jessie’s face to see how she reacted to this, but her expression was hard to read behind the liquid brown eyes. “There’s nothing illegal going on. I swear,” she said earnestly. “I don’t have sex with those guys for money. I just make the videos and post them on the site. That’s all.”

“That’s all, huh? And just how much are you grossing for this little operation?”

Jessie frowned, her face closing. “That’s none of your—”

“Business? Oh, I think it is.” He moved closer, towering over her. “You’ve been using my property and my equipment to record your dirty movies. I want to see the numbers. I want to see how much you take in and I want a piece of the pie.”

Jessie’s mouth fell open, shock and confusion registering on her face as she digested what he’d said. Clearly she hadn’t expected his wanting in.

“That’s what I said,” Eric reiterated, pleased with himself. “A piece of the pie, a share in the profits.”

She crossed her arms over her breasts. “You have no right—”

“I think I do. Your little indiscretion this morning cost me a bundle, and who knows what kind of liability you’ve opened up by running this porn racket in my warehouse. I want restitution, and I want it in cold, hard cash, babe.”

He moved closer still, and she backed away, fear sparking in her large, dark eyes. He could break her in half if he wanted to. He could throw her down, rip off those jeans, and rape her, his hand clamped over her mouth to stifle her screams.

His cock bulged painfully in his jeans. He continued to advance on her until he’d backed her against a wall. Placing a hand on the wall on either side of her shoulders, he leaned down so close their noses almost touched.

“You’ll agree to my terms and you won’t make a peep of protest, you hear me? You won’t try to take off. If you do, I’ll find you, and I’ll make your life a living hell. You see, I’m onto you, princess.” He paused, watching her eyes widen, aware he had her. “I found the outtake, too, Jessie. I saw that guy flailing in his restraints. I’m sure the police would be very interested in that video—”

“Eric, listen to me—” She tried to duck out from under his arm.

He shifted to prevent her. “No, you listen to me.” A sudden, hot surge of power moved through his body like a bolt of lightning. What would it be like to dominate this woman? She was no stranger to BDSM. She would know what it meant to submit. She could dish it out, but could she take it? What would it be like to bring his dark fantasies to reality?

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