Golden Boy Two-Volume Box Set

He entered the club on a dare… He stayed because of the Dom…

It’s hard enough for Johnny to accept he’s gay… much less his dark fantasies of bondage and domination. Watching a gorgeous Master wield his dominant command with nothing more than a look stirs all Johnny’s forbidden desires. But what could the compelling Dom possibly see in him?

Master Eric is tired of the same old players in the scene. He longs for the intense connection of a total power exchange. When he meets Johnny, an innocent newbie ripe for erotic submission, he’s determined to introduce him to the lifestyle… and take him as far as he can go. 

Johnny yearns for what Master Eric offers on a soul level, but his fear overcomes his need. So he runs… 

And Eric pursues…

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Eric shook his head, placing his hand on Johnny’s forearm. Johnny tried to ignore the electric zing of desire Eric’s touch caused as he listened to the man’s kind words. “I’ve heard of that more often than you might think,” he said, his eyes kind. “It’s not stupid at all. You’d be amazed how many people go through their whole lives never connecting with who they really are. Never exploring or even recognizing their own potential in so many ways.”

He dropped his hand from Johnny’s arm and Johnny instantly felt its lack, though he didn’t outwardly react. “Really, Johnny,” Eric continued. “I wouldn’t spend another second beating myself up about this. What’s really exciting, what you should focus on, is the fact that now you’ve come alive. You’re awake and aware. You’re ready to begin your new life.”

“That’s just what I was thinking earlier. It’s like you’re tapped into my head somehow. I like it, but it makes me a little nervous too.” Johnny grinned uncertainly.

Eric tossed his head. “Nah. Don’t be nervous. If I’m tapped into you, it’s only because you’re tapped into me too. There’s something between us. We both felt it from the moment we saw each other. I have to tell you, Johnny. For me it isn’t usually like this. I play the field—that’s how I operate. I select the one I want, I go after him and I get him. I use him till I tire of him and then it’s over. I know that sounds cold, but you’ll find in the gay scene things are often like that. Men even expect it of one another.

“Which isn’t to say there isn’t romance and true love too. Sure there is. But it’s not such a focus for most guys. We’re more into the sex, I guess.”

Johnny laughed. “That’s no different from straight men, trust me! We…” he paused, and amended, “I mean, they, just have to do the lovey-dovey stuff to get into the girl’s pants. It’s the women who want all the flowers and candy and shit.”

Eric laughed too. “Well, I don’t know. A little romance is very sexy too, in the right circumstance. I’m just saying I haven’t found the right guy. At least, I hadn’t until now.”

He said the last words softly, almost tentatively, as if afraid Johnny might rebuff him. Johnny didn’t reply, feeling his mouth suddenly go dry. Eric held out his hand and Johnny handed him his glass. Eric set both glasses on the low, black coffee table in front of them.

Without speaking, they moved closer to one another on the couch, so their thighs were touching. Slowly Eric reached up and stroked Johnny’s cheek. Johnny felt dizzy and frightened, but also very aroused. His cock stiffened. He swallowed hard, letting his eyes close as Eric continued to stroke his cheek, his other hand resting lightly on Johnny’s thigh.

“May I kiss you?” Eric’s voice was like a caress. Johnny still didn’t open his eyes, but nodded slowly. He shivered as Eric’s lips gently touched his own. He felt like a statue, unable to respond or resist. Eric kissed Johnny’s closed mouth, keeping his own lips closed as well. After a moment his lips moved over Johnny’s cheek to his neck. Lightly he kissed the skin, allowing the tip of his tongue to graze the flesh. Johnny remained still as stone, eyes closed.

Eric’s hand slid slowly up Johnny’s thigh and Johnny felt his cock straining toward that hand. When it touched the zipper of his jeans, the warmth and light pressure of Eric’s hand on his crotch wrenched a small moan from Johnny’s lips. His heart raced and his lips parted of their own accord as he tried to accommodate his suddenly rapid breathing.

The pressure on his cock subtly increased as Eric’s lips again found Johnny’s. This time Johnny allowed the gentle invasion of Eric’s tongue. Unlike the urgent thrusting he was used to, Eric’s kiss was slow, teasing.

As Johnny sat with his head resting against the back of the black leather sofa, the dark-haired man used the tip of his tongue to make Johnny tremble.

Inserting it between Johnny’s top lip and his teeth, he slid it along Johnny’s gums, making him shudder involuntarily, his cock throbbing. He couldn’t have moved if he’d wanted to. He didn’t want to. He wanted to stay perfectly still so Eric would never stop this peculiar, perfect kiss.
Eric did stop, but only to further stoke Johnny’s lust. His tongue glided farther into Johnny’s mouth, touching Johnny’s tongue. Johnny suddenly came alive, kissing and suckling against Eric’s mouth, ravenous for his kiss.

Eric took Johnny in his arms, pulling him forward so Johnny’s cheek was against Eric’s chest as he cradled him in a strong embrace. Johnny’s cock was bent painfully against his jeans, about to explode at any second. Eric reached down and unzipped Johnny’s fly, slipping his fingers into the opening of Johnny’s cotton briefs.

“I got the prize,” he whispered in a teasing voice as his hand grasped Johnny’s erect shaft. Johnny moaned as the other man ran his fingers lightly up and down his cock, and then squeezed, applying perfect pressure until Johnny’s moan became a cry.

The pleasure mounting within his body became almost unbearable. It was like a white light too bright to look at, and yet one couldn’t resist facing it, risking blindness just to feel its beauty and its warmth. Within a minute or so the younger man shot his sticky seed in several strong spurts as he shuddered and arched, his voice echoing his passion.

After a moment he came to himself somewhat and tried to sit up, looking down at his lap. “Oh, Jesus,” he whispered, humiliation overtaking pleasure as he realized what he’d done. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—shit, I wasn’t ready to—I mean, I’ve made a mess here, I’m not usually so premature, it’s just—”

Eric smothered Johnny’s protests with another kiss. Between kisses he murmured, “Shh, hush…hush, Johnny. It doesn’t matter. It’s sweet. It’s lovely. It’s a testament of your passion for me and of your willingness to let go with me. Don’t apologize for being a virile, sexy man. Just enjoy it. Lie back and close your eyes, I’ll take care of you.”

Johnny leaned back again, his heart still thudding, the endorphins whizzing through his blood making him feel strong and glorious. He realized he’d never experienced such pleasure with a woman, and certainly not at his own hand. The intensity of the orgasm had taken him completely by surprise.

He let Eric pull his underwear and jeans down his legs, keeping his eyes closed as if by doing so he didn’t have to fully admit what was happening. He felt something warm and wet against his cock and realized Eric was taking it into his mouth. It was only half erect and still sticky with come. Johnny instinctively started to pull away, at once thrilled and horrified. Then Eric slid his tongue, his warm, strong tongue, smoothly down to Johnny’s balls and he forgot to be horrified.

“Oh,” he moaned softly as Eric’s sweet tongue moved skillfully over and under his ball sac before licking its way back up his once-again fully erect penis. Eric took the cock into his mouth, moving down until the entire shaft was enveloped, the tip grazing the back of Eric’s throat.

Johnny felt Eric’s fingers curling around his balls, cupping them, applying a slight pressure as he massaged the cock with lips and tongue.
He didn’t stop until Johnny ejaculated again, this time deep in Eric’s throat. Instinctively Johnny grabbed Eric’s head as he shot his load, holding the man still to receive his offering. Eric allowed this, waiting until Johnny’s shuddering had eased before gently pulling away.

Johnny felt dizzy, almost feverish and utterly exhausted. He didn’t move, head back, eyes closed, as Eric pulled Johnny’s jeans and underwear back up his legs. Eric sat next to Johnny, who couldn’t find the strength even to lift his head. “That was my gift to you,” Eric said, his tone soft but suddenly dominant. “But from now on you’ll have to earn it.”

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