If she won’t come to him willingly, he’ll just have to take her…

James abandons his failed attempts to woo his beautiful coworker, unleashing dark passions he’s kept hidden from the world. Taking Kelsey by force, he will compel her through sexual torture and brutal domination to succumb to his sadistic demands.

Imprisoned in his secluded cabin, Kelsey has no choice but to become James’ obedient submissive, even as she edges precariously close to the brink of madness. There’s got to be someone out there still searching for her, and it’s that hope that keeps her alive…

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Previously titled: Claiming Kelsey

Claimed is a Dark Obsession Series novel. Erotic non-con that’s not for the faint of heart. Read only if you dare.
Excerpt from Chapter 1

She began to shake her head. “Look, I’m sorry if we got our wires crossed or something, but I’m not interested in you in that way, James. You’re my boss. And anyway, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. Let’s just forget this happened and…”

Her mouth continued to move, but James could no longer hear the words. The blood was roaring in his ears. He felt like he was going to explode. Rage hurtled through him and he clenched his hands into fists at his sides.

This couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t be like the rest of them—just another prick tease, another fluff ball with nothing in her head or heart. How could he have gotten it so wrong? He brought his fists to his chest and pressed hard. His heart felt as if it had collapsed in a hard, tight ball in his chest.

Without realizing what he was doing, James reached for Kelsey. He grabbed her arms and pulled her toward him.

“James! You’re hurting me. Let go!”

He didn’t let go. He dragged her back to the car and managed to pull open the passenger door, while still keeping her in a tight grip. He shoved her into the car and slammed the door. He pressed the lock button on the key fob while he sprinted around to the driver’s seat. She was still trying to get the door open when he pressed the child lock button that only he controlled from the driver’s side. Kelsey wasn’t going anywhere.

Still blind with rage and grief, he started the engine and gunned the gas. Skillfully he maneuvered the car rapidly down the spiraling exit ramp toward the ground floor as if his life depended on it.

Kelsey pawed at his arm while he drove. “Let me out!” she screeched. “James, what are you doing? Stop the fucking car!” She fumbled in her purse and pulled out her cell phone. James grabbed it from her hands and threw it in the backseat.

Keeping one hand tight on Kelsey’s arm, James drove as quickly as he dared down the city streets and onto the highway that led to his home, thankfully only ten minutes from the office. A vein pulsed at his temple, beating time to Kelsey’s caterwauling. Somehow he made it to his driveway.

He let go of Kelsey long enough to use the garage door remote that was clipped to his sun visor. He slid the car into the garage and pressed the button again to close them off from the world.

James turned to the beautiful, trembling girl beside him. His heart was pounding, his cock throbbing at full erection. He felt more alive than he ever had in his life.

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