She’s a good girl… They’re very, very bad boys…

Abducted by two men—one a sensual sadist, the other a brutal taskmaster—Gina is stripped and chained in a room full of mirrors. She loses her virginity in every possible way as they systematically subject her to a constant barrage of erotic torture. As her tormentors take her deeper along the path of sexual slavery, the boundaries between pleasure and pain, fear and longing, love and hate, begin to blur.

As Gina is conditioned to the fierce sexual pleasure and intense erotic pain, her past fades into a half-remembered dream. Even if they set her body free, there’s no way she can return to her old life.

Sometimes the only way out is to become someone new…

Previously titled: The Toy

Chained is prequel to the Dark Obsession Series. Erotic non-con that’s not for the faint of heart. Read only if you dare.
Excerpt from Book

Gina was a nice girl. She was perhaps a little plump—pleasingly plump, her fiancé Dwayne assured her. Some of the mean girls back in school had called her prissy, but she preferred to think of herself as proper and demure.

Though she’d been out of high school for five years, and had a pretty good job as a secretary at a bank, Gina still lived at home with her parents while awaiting her marriage to Dwayne, whom she had known since kindergarten. They attended the same church and it had never occurred to her to want someone different. Not that she actually wanted Dwayne—not sexually—but then, she had never particularly wanted anyone that way, at least not anyone in the small, insulated community in which she had grown up. Ryan Gosling was another story…

But she would marry Dwayne, because her parents wanted her to, and because he wanted her to, and she did look forward to having children someday. Not to mention, it would get her out from under the thumb of her parents. That couldn’t happen soon enough.

That Saturday she ended up staying several hours later than usual at the Outreach Center where she volunteered, as two key staff members on the evening shift had called out sick. It was already dark when Gina stepped out of the building and made her way to the bus stop. She pulled her coat tighter as the wind whipped the air, and glanced nervously around her. She wasn’t used to being out alone at night. She thought about calling her dad and asking him to come get her, but immediately nixed the idea, as it would give him the excuse he needed to forbid her from continuing her volunteer work in “the bad part of town.”

“Excuse me, ma’am.”

Gina turned to see a skinny, disheveled woman with something not quite right about the eyes. Drugs, she thought, mentally shaking her head in disapproval. But she was a polite girl, and she smiled and said, “Yes?”

“My baby.” The woman pointed toward a car parked on the other side of the road.


“My baby. She’s stuck in the car seat. I can’t open it to get her out. She’s crying like crazy. Would you try?”

What an odd request. The woman didn’t look particularly upset, as Gina would have been if her own child were stuck somewhere. She was probably high on pot or meth or whatever it was these people did. She had no right to even have a baby, much less lock the poor thing in a faulty car seat.

Gina strode indignantly across the street with the woman, prepared to save a crying child. The woman had left the motor running, another stupid move. She pulled open the back door and Gina leaned in, expecting to hear a squalling infant, but she heard nothing.

Before her eyes could adjust to the dark interior of the car, she was suddenly and violently shoved from behind. She fell heavily against the seat with a startled cry as the door slammed shut behind her. As Gina pulled herself upright in shocked surprise, the driver’s window rolled down, a hand extending with an envelope. The bedraggled woman scuttled around the car, snatched the envelope and vanished into the night.

At the same moment, Gina became aware of a presence beside her in the back seat. Though she didn’t yet understand what was happening, panic hurtled through her gut, and her mouth opened, a scream rising in her throat.

All at once, a hand was clamped over her mouth, muffling her cries. A strong arm wrapped around her as the car pulled out into the empty street. Terrified, Gina thrashed and jerked, desperately trying to get herself free. Her dress rode up her thighs in her struggle, and something jabbed into her leg with a sharp sting, followed by a burning sensation in her blood. The world went woozy and strange as black spots spread like ink over her vision. Her bones turned to rubber and she slid down the seat with a sigh.


Gina opened her eyes. Her head was pounding, a sour taste in her mouth. She had no idea where she was. The room was totally dark, except for a crack of light showing under what must have been the door. As she came fully awake, she found she was sitting upright in a chair, her hands bound tightly behind her.

Her heart began to beat wildly against her ribs as the terrifying memories flooded back. She’d been abducted, just like in the movies!

But her family wasn’t rich. Who could possibly want to kidnap her?

A strand of hair had fallen into her face. Unable to use her hands, Gina tried to blow it away, but it fell back again, ticking her nose. She tried to shift in the chair and found she couldn’t move. Rope wrapped around her knees and ankles had forced her legs wide apart, and she could feel a draft on her bare skin.

Her bare skin.

She was naked.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she began to moan. No one had seen her naked since she’d been a child, and then only her mother. She didn’t even look at herself after a shower if she could help it, not until she was fully dressed.

She blushed hotly from head to toe, as if her body were on fire. The sheer embarrassment and humiliation was so acute it temporarily overrode any fear of being kidnapped or killed. She began to cry in great, gulping sobs, which ended in a startled hiccup when the door suddenly opened.

A man stood in silhouette against the light in the hallway. “Finally coming out of it, eh? That sedative can pack a pretty powerful punch, but don’t worry—no lasting side effects.”

All at once, bright fluorescent light illuminated the room. As Gina’s eyes adjusted, she saw she was in an empty room, the walls of which were covered in mirrors from floor to ceiling. The man in the doorway was tall and broad-shouldered, somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties. He wore a white cotton T-shirt over faded jeans. His thick dark hair was cut short. His face was handsome, with brown eyes and a strong jaw, but his mouth was twisted into an unpleasant leer.

“Please,” Gina cried, almost forgetting she was naked. “You have to let me go. What are you going to do to me? Please don’t kill me!” Her voice broke, and she began to cry again, tears and snot running down her face.

The man stepped into the room. “Relax, babe. We aren’t going to kill you. We don’t plan to, that is, as long as you do what you’re told. Just relax,” he repeated, as if that were remotely possible. “You can make it real hard on yourself, or you can relax and enjoy it. You’re our new toy, Gina.”