Beyond the Compound

Perfect submissive… Imperfect Dom… That’s only half the challenge…

What readers are saying – “A great read for BDSM lovers…” “Totally HOT! I loved it!” “Filled with hot sex, self discovery and a fantastic ending!”

Deeply submissive and highly trained, Hailey hungers for the profound connection all slave girls crave. Too bad her new Master has other ideas…

Movie-heartthrob Ronan Wolfe doesn’t need the hassle of getting caught with a whip in his hand, but he misses having a sub under his control. When a friend gifts him Hailey’s six-month slave contract, the Dom in him just can’t resist.

Too bad Ronan forgit one thing… The world is watching his every move.

If you love edgy, romantic BDSM with plenty of sizzling plot twists and turns, you’ll adore Beyond the Compound. 

Excerpt from the novel

Hailey stood silently, her arms hanging loosely at her sides, her posture ramrod straight, her eyes downcast. “Come inside,” Ronan said, gesturing her into the front hall. He closed the door and then slipped a finger under the seal of the envelope George had given him. Lifting the flap, he pulled out the contract and scanned it.

I promise to serve and obey my Master to the very best of my ability for the tenure of this contract. I freely give my body, my obedience, my service and my trust to my Master in exchange for his guidance and loving dominance. Save for the hard limits listed below, my Master may press the envelope of my submission as far as he deems appropriate, and I will submit with grace and honesty to his will.

He scanned down to the hard limits section and read: No scat, no animals, no minors.

That sure left room for a whole lot of dark and dirty play, and the sadistic devil that was always perched on Ronan’s shoulder, whether or not there was a balancing angel present, rubbed its hot little hands together as his overactive libido shifted into overdrive.

He looked again at the sub girl who stood still as a living statue, no fidgeting or toe tapping, or any sign of anxiety on her serene face, though she had to be going nuts on the inside. Maybe the full import of what she’d done was sinking in for her too, or maybe she was in it solely for the money, and really didn’t give a damn what she had to do in order to get it. After all, he’d paid a small fortune for her services and was aware she stood to pocket half the proceeds at the end of her tenure with him.

Even as this snarky thought flitted into Ronan’s brain, his better self dismissed it. George was an unerring judge of character, and he’d vouched for Hailey. Even without George’s assistance, Ronan could see for himself there was something genuine in this girl. It was evident in the videos he’d watched of her training sessions at The Compound, and he had felt it just now in her somber, sweet gaze. Whatever else she might be, she was sincere in her desire for erotic submission.

Used to the glamor and glitz of LA, it was startling to realize she didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup or jewelry. He could see the perk of her nipples against the silky fabric of her short dress.

Christ, she was lovely. And she was his. Who the hell had ever said money couldn’t buy happiness? He was staring at a hundred and ten pounds of pure feminine perfection, with no strings, no expectations, no limits. What was he waiting for?

Let’s get this party started.

“Take off your sandals,” he said.

She slipped off her shoes and stepped neatly to the side.

“Take off your dress.”

Eyes still demurely downcast, Hailey reached for one strap and slid it down her shoulder. He watched, mesmerized, as she reached for the other, and let the dress slither down her shapely body and puddle at her feet. Underneath she wore nothing but a tiny white lace thong. Though Ronan had seen plenty of naked women, this girl could hold her own among the finest of them, with her high, round breasts, tapering waist and gently flaring hips. His mouth actually watered at the sight of her, and he had to swallow to keep from choking. His rapidly rising cock was bent at a painful angle in his jeans, and he reached into his pants to straighten it.

He stepped closer. She remained where she was. He put a finger underneath her chin and lifted it. She met his gaze, her pupils dilating, her breath catching ever so slightly as her lips parted. Her scent was like an aphrodisiac, and he felt almost dizzy from it.

“Who do you belong to?” he said, lust making his voice come out as a growl.

“To you, Master Ronan.” Her voice was like fingertips on satin, stroking his senses.

Ronan’s cock hardened to steel. He ownedthis girl, and she wasn’t just some high-class call girl he’d bought for the night. She was fully trained in the sensual and submissive arts. She was his personal geisha girl, only better. She was his willing slave girl, and he could do whatever he wanted, with no one to judge, witness, oversee or deny him. For the first time in his life, he could give free rein to his kinkiest fantasies, without fear his exploits would end up in tomorrow’s tabloid headlines, and without worry about what the girl thought or felt about it all. After all, she was his possession, not his lover. The same rules did not apply. In fact, beyond keeping her alive and safe from harm, there wereno rules, save that she please him or suffer the consequences.

As the full import of this finally hit him, Ronan took a step back and pointed at his fly. “Show me,” he ordered. “Show me what you can do. You may use your mouth and your hands.”

Without hesitation, the girl dropped to her knees, her long, slender fingers reaching for the metal button at the top of his fly. She slid down the zipper and hooked her thumbs over the waist of his jeans and underwear. She pulled the pants down his legs to his knees and wrapped long, cool fingers around the base of his shaft, her other hand gently cupping his balls as she leaned forward with parted lips.

She took the full length of him into her mouth, moving forward until her nose touched his groin. She remained like that for several delicious moments, Ronan’s cock pulsing against her wet, soft tongue and the hug of her throat. As she eased back, she did something amazing with her throat muscles and tongue, and in spite of himself Ronan groaned aloud.

Maybe because it had been a while since he’d been with a woman (tabloid rumors and outright lies to the contrary notwithstanding), or maybe because of the novelty of the situation, or maybe because she was just so damn good at what she was doing, it wasn’t long before Ronan was ready to spurt.

Instinctively he reached for her head, grabbing handfuls of silky hair between his fingers as he thrust his hips forward in sudden, urgent release. He held her in position until the last of his seed had spilled down her throat, and she neither moved nor resisted. She wasn’t even breathing, as far as he could tell. Finally he let her go and took a step back. She let his still-hard cock slide from her pretty lips.

Her hair had fallen into her eyes, but she made no effort to shake or move it away. Her face was flushed, her lips wet and parted, her nipples perking like dark pink gumdrops.

“Thank you, Sir.” She bent forward, lowering her body until her lips met the tops of his bare feet. She brushed one foot and then the other with her soft lips and then lifted herself back onto her haunches, her spine straightening again into dancer-like perfection as her hands settled gracefully on her thighs.

Ronan pulled up his underwear and jeans as he stared down at the sub girl. “You’re welcome,” he finally managed, marveling even as he spoke at the understatement of his words. Jesus god, the girl was perfection, and they hadn’t even made it out of the front hall.