More than a Dare

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Bring your darkest fantasies to life. Go on, I dare you…

Dahlia turned her own world upside down on a dare from a sexy coworker. Who knew a voyeuristic taste of the intoxicating power of BDSM would lead to so much more? Now she’s desperate to discover her own submissive potential with a true Master.

Master Hayden has a strict policy never to get involved with vanilla girls, even the BDSM-curious. Yet Dahlia sparks a desire in him so powerful he might just have to make an exception. But does she have what it takes?

Dahlia, who prides herself on rising to any challenge, leaps at Hayden’s sexy offer of a full-on Master/slave experience. Yet, the deeper the Dom draws her into the dark, edgy reality of true submission, the more conflicted she becomes.

It was all going so well…until it wasn’t.  

More than a Dare is Book 4 of the Masters Club Series. If you enjoy powerful alpha men who aren’t afraid to take what they want, but give so much in return to the women they fall for, then this series is for you.

Excerpt below!


Hayden let go of Dahlia’s wrists and straddled her hips, his erect cock jutting between them. Leaning over, he reached for the coil of rope he’d placed on the lower shelf of his nightstand in anticipation of her arrival that evening.

When he’d put her through her paces in order to determine her suitability to attend the Masters Club holiday party, she’d confessed to a very powerful erotic fantasy that he planned to bring to life tonight.

“Keep your arms extended over your head, wrists touching.”

Dahlia’s eyes widened as she stared at the rope in his hand. “Oh,” she said on a huff of air, as if the word had escaped without her permission. But, after a moment, she obeyed.

Hayden looped the rope around both wrists and pulled it taut. He’d attached a sturdy O-ring to the other end, which he clipped to the chain secured to the headboard.

She looked so hot with her arms extended and bound, her naked body his for the taking. His cock throbbed with anticipation.

He reached again toward the nightstand shelf, this time grabbing the small switchblade. With his free hand, he covered her mouth and nose, momentarily cutting off her ability to breathe.

The fear in her eyes was real as he snicked open the blade. At the same time, her engorged nipples begged to be suckled and bitten. In spite of her fear, or perhaps partially because of it, desire shimmered around her like a halo. Her dual reaction hit him like a drug, heightening his dominant lust.

“Don’t move,” he warned, hand still covering her nose and mouth. He moved the knife closer, touching its sharp point to the soft spot just below her jaw.

She mewled with terror, the sound like a warm, wet mouth on his cock.

When he removed his hand from her face, she drew in a heaving breath. He tweaked one of her nipples and rolled it between his fingers. “Your nipples are hard, you dirty little slut,” he said, parroting the words from her fantasy.

Reaching back, he cupped her hot cunt and slid a finger inside her. “You’re soaking wet. You know you deserve this, am I right?”

Her chest and throat were mottled, her cheeks flaming. But she didn’t sputter with indignation, or blurt out her safeword. Instead, in a voice drenched with need, she admitted, “Yes, Sir.”

Feeling as powerful as a god, Hayden scooted forward, straddling her chest as her fantasy intruder had done. He raised the knife again, the silver blade gleaming in the soft light. With his free hand, he tapped the head of his cock against her lips.

“Come on, little girl,” he growled. “Open wide.”

Dahlia hesitated, as if weighing her decision. Hayden waited, barely admitting to himself how very much he wanted her to obey, to prove herself worthy of his dominance.

Then, lifting her head, she opened her mouth. He held his cock just out of reach, forcing her to strain forward to reach it.

Tamping down his triumph, Hayden eased the shaft into her mouth. Her lips closed around it, her warm tongue gliding along its underside. She sputtered as he moved deeper, and he pulled back. There would be time later to teach her how to relax her gag reflex.

Letting his shaft rest in her warm, wet mouth, he repeated the words that had been seared into his brain during her sexy audition. “You’re nothing more than a cunt right now.” She clearly recognized the words, so she knew what came next.

“A cunt that needs to be fucked,” he continued, touching the blade again to her throat. She stiffened, another strangled mewl forcing its way past his cock.

His balls aching with pent-up lust, he closed the knife and set it aside. He stretched out along the length of her beautiful body. She was soft and yielding beneath him, save for the hard points of her perfect nipples against his chest.

Using a hand to guide himself, he nudged the head of his cock at her tight opening. While he would have liked to enter her with a single thrust as her fantasy rapist had done, he didn’t want to tear her delicate flesh. She was very wet, however, and the head, at least, slipped into her easily enough.

Hayden allowed himself a moan of raw pleasure. Then, recalling his role, he murmured, “You’re sopping wet, you dirty little whore. You want this. You’re begging for it.”

“Oh, god,” she moaned, closing her eyes. “Yes. Yes, please.”

Abandoning the fantasy, Hayden slowly, carefully, eased himself fully inside her. Dahlia’s heart pattered hard and fast against his chest. Her cunt was tight and wet, like a slick sheath of hot silk massaging his shaft. He groaned as he swiveled inside her, the pleasure nearly overwhelming his senses.

He moved faster, no longer caring if he hurt her, too aroused to slow down. As he pummeled her, he again placed his hand over her mouth. He actually felt a gush of moisture bathe his cock in response. She loved this, and he loved giving it to her.

Things were going better than he’d hoped. Dahlia had proved herself open and willing. He couldn’t wait to take her further, to teach her to suffer with grace, to give herself over completely to another.

Even as these thoughts swirled in his brain, a small voice at the back of his head whispered, “Caution. Danger.” He silenced it, focusing instead on the dark, perfect pleasure of fucking the lovely bound girl beneath him.

“Don’t come without permission, little slut,” he murmured in her ear, even as he felt his own orgasm rising. He groaned, the pleasure almost too much to bear.

“Oh, god,” she cried. “Please. I can’t help it. I’m coming. Oh, oh, oooo…”

He was too lost in his own passion to respond, to admonish, to forbid. He thrust hard into her, making her scream. She shuddered and trembled, her voice rising in a keening cry.

His climax was powerful, holding him in its grip for several long moments before finally letting him go. He collapsed with a sigh against her, momentarily robbed of the power to speak.

When he could catch his breath, he lifted himself on his elbows and peered down at Dahlia’s face. Her eyes were closed, the thick fringe of her dark blond lashes brushing her cheek, a sated half smile playing on her lips.

Hayden was suddenly overwhelmed with tenderness. Reaching up, he quickly slipped the looped knot from her wrists and brought her arms down to her sides. As if feeling his gaze on her, she slowly opened her eyes, her smile widening as she focused.

“Holy cow,” she breathed, charming him anew. “That was amazing.”

“It was,” he agreed. He rolled away from her and lay on his side facing her. He arched an eyebrow as he fixed her with an amused gaze. “However, we have a little problem, Dahlia.”

She frowned. “We do?”

“You came without permission. You’ve read enough of those novels of yours to know what happens to naughty little sub girls who come without permission. Am I right?”

The smile fell away, her arms wrapping reflexively around her torso. Slowly, she nodded.

“Say it,” he prodded, enjoying himself. “Tell me what happens to naughty subs who disobey?”

She turned her head away, mumbling something.

Reaching for her chin, he forced her to look at him. “Don’t turn away when I speak to you,” he directed. “Answer the question properly.”

Again she colored. He could actually see the struggle on her face as she wrestled with her emotions.

Finally, she said in a small but clear voice, “They get punished. Sir.”