Dare to be Naughty

A would-be submissive, a skeptical Dom, the chance of a lifetime…

Dahlia’s super curious about Hayden’s BDSM lifestyle. While the idea of a strong alpha male staking his claim and making his conquest is appealing, she’s not sure about giving up control. Not to mention those whips and chains…

Hayden, a Dom at the private, exclusive Masters Club, knows better than to play in the vanilla world. His inner sadist demands his woman on her knees, over his lap or strapped to his bed. But the more time he spends with Dahlia, the surer he is there’s a sexy sub girl lurking just below the surface.

When Dahlia begs to attend the Masters Club holiday party, Hayden is intrigued. But she’ll need more than desire to get him to agree. When he puts her through a test of submission, the results may stun them both…

Dare to be Naughty is the prequel novella to More than a Dare, the fourth book in the Masters Club Series. If you enjoy powerful alpha men who aren’t afraid to take what they want, but give so much in return to the women they fall for, then this series is for you.

Excerpt Below!


“The thought of a strong guy—an alpha guy taking what he wants sexually—that turns me on.” Suddenly afraid she’d revealed too much, Dahlia added quickly, “Academically speaking, of course.”

Hayden’s lips quirked in a sardonic smile. “You give with one hand and take with the other,” he teased. “Okay, then, Dr. Simon. In the interest of academics, if you’re sure you want to know what I was discussing in my private conversation…”

Fighting down the blush that tried to invade her face, Dahlia replied, “Yes. I do. Please.”

“Okay then. Full disclosure. I’m into something called BDSM. The acronym stands for bondage, discipline or dominance, sadism or submission and masochism.”

“I know what it stands for,” Dahlia replied a little too quickly.

“Good to hear,” Hayden said with apparent approval.

The blush won, heat rushing full-force into her cheeks.

“I’m what you’d call a sensual sadist,” Hayden continued. “What you heard on the phone—that was a fellow Dom in need of some advice about training a new submissive. We both belong to a private club that caters to this particular lifestyle.”

“For real?” Dahlia squeaked, her normally low-pitched voice suddenly an octave higher. A private BDSM club? Clearly, Hayden was into way more than a bit of bondage and a playful spanking!

Not yet ready to confront him directly, she offered instead, “I’ve heard of those underground BDSM clubs, but I figured they were just skeevy pickup joints with a theme. There are actual private clubs for that kind of thing?”

 “There are private clubs, and then there’s this particular club, which as far as I know, is quite unique. It’s about a lot more than just whips and chains, I assure you. We explore the passion and power of erotic submission on a number of levels—everything from casual play to full-on slave training. Your remark the other night about cavemen notwithstanding, true D/s isn’t about subjugation. Not at all. It’s a free and loving exchange of power—the most intense, absorbing exchange possible between two human beings, at least for those hardwired for the experience.”

Dahlia was quiet as she absorbed his words. She could feel his unspoken power pulling her toward him as if he were the flame and she the moth. While her brain cautioned her from stepping into dangerous waters, the rest of her had other ideas.

“I want to go,” she blurted, surprising herself not only with her forwardness, but with how very much she meant it. “Can I come with you? I want to go to your club and see for myself.”

Hayden shook his head, though he was smiling. “Sorry. No can do. I’ve already said too much as it is. As for you coming to take a peek, that would never fly. Only members or prospective members are granted admittance.”

He furrowed his brow, pursing his lips in apparent thought. “Except…” He trailed off, then shook his head. “Nah. Not a good idea.”

“What?” she insisted. “What isn’t a good idea? What were you going to say? Finish the sentence. Except…?”