Accidental Submission

Sold for revenge… Bought by accident… He wants her too much to let her go…

Elizabeth earned her new high-powered position through years of hard work, but a coworker’s revenge plot could bring her world crashing down around her.

Cole quickly realizes the slave girl he bought at auction has no clue about and even less interest in dominance and submission… or so she says. But when he introduces Elizabeth to the dark, delicious possibilities of BDSM, she’s a little frightened… and a lot intrigued. Too bad the coworker’s dangerous games are only just beginning…

Previously titled: Accidental Slave

Accidental Submission is a novel in the Erotic Awakenings Series. Dare to take a journey of D/s discovery. Experience the edgy passion, power, and romance of erotic submission.
Excerpt from Chapter 1

“Our first lovely slave girl of the evening is Slave T.,” the auctioneer said. “She likes very tight bondage, sensual spanking and service.”

“Does that mean she’ll wash my car?” Fred whispered.

“Shut up.”

The bidding began and was quickly up to twelve thousand dollars in play money. The gavel struck once, twice and she was sold to a large, beefy man with red hair and an even redder face. He held out his hand, and she took it as she stepped carefully down the portable stairs in her boots.

A succession of six more women followed, and then the auctioneer said, “Next up, Slave E.” Cole’s heart began to pound. “She loves all types of heavy bondage and discipline, the more intense the better. Please welcome her and let’s begin the bidding at five hundred.” The auctioneer glanced toward the empty stage and frowned. “Slave E.? Is Slave E. in the house?”

“Sorry, coming,” a man called out from the back of the room. Heads swiveled to watch as the blond guy in the tuxedo led his charge toward the stage. As they passed Cole’s table, he heard, “Come on. It’s for a worthy cause. It’s all in good fun. Look, they’ve already called your name, so go on up and just stand there for a minute or two. Do it for the team.”

The team? What team? What worthy cause? Cole forgot his questions as he drank in the lovely young woman in her shimmering dress. She was even more beautiful in real life. I want her. I have to have her.

Cole waited until the bidding got to a ten thousand and then raised his hand. “Ten thousand, five hundred,” the auctioneer announced with a nod.

Another hand went up and the auctioneer acknowledged him, raising the price to eleven thousand.

In short order the bidding had ratcheted to fifteen thousand. Cole had only purchased twenty in advance. “Fred, lend me money if I need it, okay? I’ll get you the cash.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Fred replied. “Yeah, she’s gorgeous, but she’s fucking wasted, man. She looks like she doesn’t even know where she is. You really want some strung-out chick?”

Cole knew Fred was right, but he didn’t care. “Yes. I want her. You’ll lend me play money if I need it?”

“Sure. What the hell. As long as I have what I need to bid on Slave M.”

A few minutes later, the auctioneer pointed toward Cole with a smile and rapped his gavel. “Sold to the gentleman at table six for twenty-one thousand five hundred dollars.”