Slave Island

Lured by the promise of an all-expense paid dream vacation, Julianna Beckett is kidnapped and held captive on an isolated island. Daily whippings, bondage and intense sexual training are just part the brutal regimen of erotic torture and forced submission, as Julianna is prepared for sale into sexual slavery. At the hands of sadistic trainers, Julianna's world is narrowed to the avoidance of pain and the release found through forced sexual stimulation.

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Sold into Slavery

Ruthless sex slave traffickers have set their sights on Leah Jacobs, a young American vacationing in Thailand. Unaware of the kidnappers' net closing around her, Leah meets Devin Lyons, a sexy Englishman with a shared love of all things BDSM. After a sensual night of erotic exploration, the two plan to meet again the next evening.

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In this deeply disturbing and twisted tale, a young woman is abducted, only to be tortured and degraded to the point that she loses her identity. Jane becomes 'frog' - a sexual object to be used and humiliated through an endless series of perverted tortures devised by two fiendish sadists who will stop at nothing to debase and break her down. Come with her on a journey into the erotic depths of torture and terror - if you dare.

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Forced Submission

Mia is thrilled when she's hired as administrative assistant to handsome millionaire, Ellis Hughes. Her dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she learns, too late, that Ellis Hughes is a sexual sadist, determined to mold her into his perfect submissive slave girl. Stripped of her freedom and her identity, Mia becomes M, her life focused entirely on the avoidance of pain and the seeking of what pleasure she can find in the dungeon of the man she now knows only as Sir.

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The Toy

The Toy is the story of a young woman, Gina, who is kidnapped by two men: one a romantic, the other a sadist. Gordon and Frank use the terrified girl for their pleasure, keeping her prisoner in a room full of mirrors. While Gordon introduces Gina to the whip, the cane and the rope, Frank introduces her to the kiss and a sexual awakening that leaves her hungry for more.

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Two Masters For Alex

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What's love got to do with it?

When Alex signs up to learn what it is to truly submit within a D/s relationship, she expects to be ravished and adored. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a very hot, longstanding, m/m love affair. To her chagrin, she is not the subject of their torrid passion, but the object, a girl toy expected to perform on command and conform to the rules of the house, or suffer the consequences.

Liam and Daniel, at first eager to bring another into their D/s play, find their world turned upside down by the sexy, eager, but less-than-submissive beauty in their midst. They are forced to deal with tough issues that arise when two become three. In the unfolding passion play, each must confront jealousy, trust and their own understanding of the romance of a D/s relationship. And Alex must look inside herself to discover if she has what it takes to remain in the arms and hearts of the two men she calls Master.



Reviewed by Melissa C. for Fallen Angel Review

Claire Thompson is obviously very well researched in the D/s relationship, defining the relationship as an eroticexchange of power. She takes her time to explain the dynamics of therelationship and the people involved. She also does a very good job ofdescribing her characters in such detail, I can picture them standing right infront of me... If you enjoy M/M/F, BDSM, and ménage a trois, then this is a bookthat you must read!

Reviewedby Whitney for Simply Romance Reviews SRR GRADE: A

Two Masters for Alex by Claire Thompson is a terrific, sexy foray into the D/s world... The writing was crisp with vibrant characterizations and descriptions and as aresult you were immediately immersed in the hilarious and at the same timetouching antics of Alex, Liam and Daniel as they struggled to truly understand the D/s relationship

The sex scenes were vivid and compelling and will leaveyou breathless (among other things).

Reviewed by Amanda forDark Angel – Rating - Recommended Read

Two Masters for Alex is out of this world phenomenal. This is, by far, one of the best D/s stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. Claire Thompson incorporates every important aspect required for a romantic BDSM relationship and she does it with gusto! …The romance that develops between the men and Alex really took my breath away.


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